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9 Mother’s Day marketing campaigns to inspire you [SMS edition]

It’s 2021 and Mother’s Day is here yet again! This day is a reminder of how much our mums mean to us all across the world. And we’re clearly grateful, as this special occasion accounts for one of the biggest retail events of the year.  

While many assume the day is just about your mum, it can also apply to all kinds of women. For example, we can also celebrate our grandmothers, mothers-in-law, friends and co-workers. This day presents a prime opportunity for your business to get some much-needed exposure and sales. This is especially true as we continue to hunker down amid COVID-19 still.

Find out how to make the most of your Mother’s Day SMS marketing with our guide below.

Make your Mother’s Day marketing strategy sensitive to COVID-19

Last year spending was down given that 6/10 Aussie families believed they would not be able to spend Mother’s Day together, according to a report by MyState Bank.

This may look like a certain predictor for spending come Mother’s Day 2021. There is, however, some optimism in light of recent changes including restrictions lifting and how COVID-19 has deepened our need to better connect and celebrate our family, friends and community after being so long apart. Australian consumers, after all, spend on average $78 on Mother’s Day according to IBIS World.

With fears of COVID still prevalent in the community, here are some general guidelines on how to be COVID-19 sensitive: 

  • Write messages, offers and promotions that centre around wellbeing and positivity
  • Focus on offers, discounts and value savings
  • Be sensitive in your tone of voice and offers, not exploitative or opportunistic
  • Avoid healthcare-related puns that use words like ‘killer’, ‘contagious’, ‘spread’, and even ‘viral’
  • Make use of collective call-to-actions. For example, ‘Let’s do this for our mums’ or ‘We can support our mums just as they have supported us’
  • Many people are unable to spend face-to-face time with their mums on Mother’s Day. Ensure gifts and offers reflect this and can be delivered on-time and conveniently 
  • Consider offering earlier sales or different options for delivery in case of possible further restrictions

Blitz your Mother’s Day sales!

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9 new SMS-based Mother’s Day marketing ideas

While the aim of the game is for normal business to eventually resume, make sure that your business remains open and flexible in case of sudden pivots or changes in the retail landscape. Check out our ideas below:

1. Give her the best mum-mento – flowers!

Mother's Day flowers SMS alert

Flowers always work a treat. While most florists are now open, make it easy for consumers to send and deliver flowers online. Keep in mind that flowers sales on Mother’s Day are second only to Valentine’s Day in terms of volume. So, it’s best to remind customers that they need to get in early for the best bouquets!  

If you’re a plant shop or nursery, get in the game by sending out offers about a Mother’s Day gift series. See how we helped  online florist network Petals bloom with an SMS digital strategy. 

Best Practice: Florists or retailers with strikingly visual products can use a mobile landing page (MLP) or multimedia messaging services (MMS) for a greater impact and 15% CTR uplift.  

2. Be Mum point: curate handpicked gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day gift range SMS Alert

Help customers out by giving them the gift of pre-selection. Send a series of specially picked Mother’s Day gifts they can easily swipe through and choose from. Use a short trackable link or an MLP to send customers to a special webpage with Mother’s Day gift ideas and offers. Include a discount code or free delivery offer too – just for them. 

Best Practice: If you’re using a platform like Shopify, make sure you make use of our MessageMedia SMS Marketing Automation integration. This can help you automate Mother’s Day campaigns, abandoned cart reminders and so much more so you don’t miss out on any sales!  

3. Be mum-nificient: get personal with your gifts

Mother's Day Personalised Gift SMS Alert

Mother’s Day is a special day because it’s personal. It’s different for everyone, and this is usually reflected in the choice of gift. It could be a gag gift to remember a slip-up mum made years ago or rehashes a treasured memory from your lives together.  

If your business can offer it, extend an invitation to personalise gifts for free with an additional card or note. 

Best Practice: It can’t hurt to personalise your messages too. If you’re sending an offer out, make sure your message is addressed to the customer by using their first name. This is easy to do in our online hub when you use custom parameters. Try it out with a free trial today! 

4. Be mum-believably amazing with an experience

Help customers create new memories with your mum to make up for the separation of last year! Many venues are sweetening their Mother’s Day deals with extra special experiences. It will give everyone something to look forward to. 

Best practice: This is a great option for last-minute Mother’s Day gift buyers. With everyone busy dealing with COVID-19, get out experiences or offers fast via text messages. SMS messages are read 90% of the time and within 90 seconds

5. Whisk her an egg-cellent Mother’s Day with a food delivery

Mother's Day Food Order SMS Alert

Making mum breakfast in bed is one of the most popular ways to celebrate mum every Mother’s Day! Last year, we suggested businesses create easy-to-order Breakfast in Bed packages – and guess what? You should do that again! Bank on customers still wanting to support their local restaurants and cafes, so start with your community first. 

Not everyone does breakfast, so make sure you have Mother’ Day lunch and dinner options too, or even specially curated living room picnic packages.

Best Practice: Venues may want to avoid paying high commission rates for delivery platforms like Uber and Deliveroo. Use SMS to give customers an easy way to text in their orders for pick-up or delivery.

6. Mums the word with a Mother’s Day event

Mother's Day Event SMS Alert Reminder

Now with more and more things open, and arts and culture resuming, is it time to offer customers the ability to shower mum with a special Mother’s Day event?

Best practice: Set up SMS automations to send reminders about your event the morning of or a day before it starts with SMS for Event Management.

7. Mum’s sew amazing, so get arts and crafty

Mother's Day Arts and Crafts Order SMS Alert Delivery

 Get creative about your products and services! From DIY ceramic boxes, to embroidery wall hangings, to macramé plant hangers, there are endless opportunities to help your business offer a fun play on arts and crafts for Mother’s Day. Is there a way you can tweak your product so that mums can learn how to do it themselves or make it a fun family activity? 

Best Practice: Sometimes learning a new art or craft can be hard. While mums are crafty and clever as hell, we don’t want them to be spending Mother’s Day trying to navigate difficult instructions. Use SMS messages to offer customers additional support.

8. Serve up soup-er mum with virtual volunteering

Mother's Day Virtual Volunteering or Donation SMS Alert

 Giving back at a time like this may be what mum wants this Mother’s Day. If you’re a non-profit seeking to gain volunteers or donations, this may be an opportune time to reach out. According to a report from the Institute of Fundraising, 54% of women gave to charity compared to only 40% of men.  

In addition, the research study ‘Who Gives?’ found that while men donate more, women donate more often. Women were also more likely to give to multiple categories over men. 

Charities and churches can reach out to donors via SMS before Mother’s Day to gauge interest in donations or service. Include the ability for volunteers to donate in the name of their mother or a particular person for Mother’s Day.  

Best Practice: Make donations or volunteering efforts tangible and memorable. Use Mobile Landing Pages (MLPS) to give mums a visual graphic with their name and the amount donated. You can even schedule your campaign so it delivers at the right time on Mother’s Day.

9. Give the maxi-mum with a gift that keeps on giving

Mother's Day Membership Subscription SMS Alert

Like with International Women’s Day, there shouldn’t be just one day to celebrate women everywhere. In fact, mums especially should be celebrated all year round.  

Help customers celebrate mum with a gift that keeps on giving: a subscription or membership. Think about how you can break your product or business up into a gift series that will keep buyers coming back for more. 

This can work really well for small service businesses, not just eCommerce retailers. If you’re a personal trainer with a number of clients, consider creating memberships for mother-daughter training sessions.

If you’re a salon, think about creating special subscriptions with monthly samples of professional products. You can also include optional 1-on-1 tutorials and consultations. There are a lot of creative gaps business customers can fill to create something new and exciting for Mother’s Day. In turn, this can also help support their business in the long-term. 

Best Practice: SMS automations can help you maintain these subscriptions or memberships past Mother’s Day. For example, one salon we worked with used to manually keep track of customers who came in for a regular dye. After 90 days, they would phone the customer asking them if they wanted to book in for another colouring.  Save yourself time by automating this process using automation templates in our web portal. Sign up for a free trial to check them out today!


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Final thoughts and further reading

For many businesses, Mother’s Day still represents a day to do big business! It is not only a reason to celebrate that very special woman in our lives. It’s a way for us to get inventive about how we can utilise our products, experiences and services to see us through.

How will you make this a mum-mentous day for mums everywhere? 

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