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Build trust with your recipients by sending all your messages from a single number.

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A dedicated number (also known as a virtual number) can significantly enhance your customer’s experience. Dedicated numbers are allocated to your business, so all your messages originate from the same number, rather than from a pool of numbers. Your customers can also save your dedicated number to their phone and use that to reach you, as dedicated numbers support inbound SMS.

Your SMS marketing and sales numbers are just as important to your brand as your website address or logo, so ensure you have a dedicated number to provide visibility, marketability and control.

Why use a dedicated number?

Dedicated numbers are highly versatile and deliver significant return-on-investment (ROI):

  • Ensure that all your business SMS messages originate from the same number
  • Increase your accessibility for customers by advertising your number on video, print and web channels
  • Provide customers with information about your business with inbound keywords
  • Automate appointment scheduling by using inbound keywords
  • Capitalise on consistent branding and messaging across your bulk messaging activities
  • Empower and engage your customers with easily managed opt-outs
  • Protect the privacy of your staff by allowing them to use SMS without disclosing their personal numbers

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