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6 memorable Mother’s Day marketing campaigns using SMS

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Templates & examples Tips, tricks & hacks 4 min read | Amanda Ranville wrote in blog on April 12, 2022

In the lead-up to Mother’s Day, Australians spend an average of $78 on their mums, step-mums, grandmas, and all the other significant ladies in their lives. As one of the biggest retail events of the year, what can you do to capture a piece of the pie? 

Here are some helpful tips for engaging, effective SMS marketing ideas for Mother’s Day. And while you’re here, you might get some inspo on what to buy your own mum, too.

1. Show off your floral creations via text

If you’re a florist, you’ll know that Mother’s Day sales are a close second to Valentine’s Day. Make your business stand out with an SMS campaign that includes images of your bouquets. And don’t forget to remind your customers to get in early for the best bouquets. Add your opening hours as a helpful reminder here.

Top tip: Show off your beautiful floral creations and boost click-through rates (CTR) by up to 15% by using an SMS landing page or multimedia messaging service (MMS). Both these options add an image to your text message.  

See how we helped online florist Petals thrive with an SMS strategy.

2. Curate a gorgeous Mother’s Day gift guide

Make it easy for your customers to choose the perfect gift by sending a carefully curated gift guide via SMS. Use a short trackable link to send customers to your landing page, where they can easily browse and buy Mother’s Day gifts. You could even throw in a discount code or free delivery offer to sweeten the deal.

Top tip: If you use a platform like Shopify, make the most of MessageMedia: SMS Marketing. You can automate your Mother’s Day SMS marketing, abandoned cart reminders, and so much more.

3. Make it personal for every mum out there

Mother’s Day means different things for different families, and many people seek out unique gifts or, at least, the opportunity to personalize the gift with a special message. So why not offer a free card or note with a handwritten message as part of your Mother’s Day marketing strategy?

Top tip: It can’t hurt to personalize your text messages, too. When sending SMS, use your customer’s first name to grab their attention and make them feel special.

4. Spread the word about your Mother’s Day event

Do you run a gallery? A restaurant? A bar? If you’re holding a special event on Mother’s Day – live music, perhaps, or a themed exhibition – then start promoting it pronto. You’ll want people to add your event to their Mother’s Day schedule and, if needed, buy their tickets early on.

Top tip: So you can focus on running a fabulous event, set up automated alerts and reminders using SMS for event management.

5. Seek out mums who love to give back

54% of women give to charity, compared to only 40% of men. Mums are a generous bunch, and many would love nothing more than a gift donation to those in need. If you are a non-profit, you could send out a quick message if you’re seeking volunteers or donations. Include the ability for people to donate in the name of their mum for Mother’s Day. 

Top tip: Make donations or volunteering efforts tangible and memorable by setting up an SMS landing page. Use it to show the donor’s (or their mum’s) name and the amount donated.

6. Offer gifts that keep on giving

Why should we limit the celebration of motherhood to just one day? Give your customers the option of a gift that keeps on giving, in the form of a subscription or membership. 

Consider how you could package up your product or service into a gift series. For example, if you run a personal training business, you could offer mother-daughter packages. Or, if you own a hair salon, you could offer a monthly pamper.

Top tip: SMS automation is a great way to maintain subscriptions or memberships beyond Mother’s Day. Send out a monthly reminder to the gift recipient about their treat – it’s all automated so you don’t have to remember.

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