Short SMS link tracking.

Automatically shorten your text message’s URLs to just 22 characters and save on SMS credits. Track which recipients clicked a link.

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Icon for Save SMS characters.

Save SMS characters.
When one text credit is 160 characters, shortened links can be cost-effective.

Icon for Send unique URLs.

Send unique URLs.
Links automatically become unique for each contact – even with bulk SMS.

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Track SMS campaigns.
See exactly who did or did not click through. Export into a report and re-engage.

How short trackable links can help your business.

Rather than use a third-party URL shortener, paste your original link and let us do the rest. Send SMS from our online portal, an API integration, or via e-mail.

Automatically shorten long URLs.

If your URL begins with https:// we will convert it into a short link (for example, Or, speak to us about branded links to increase trust and familiarity (for example,

Create unique links even when sending bulk SMS.

We will take your original URLs and convert them in real-time. Whether you are sending to a single person or a million people, no two contacts will get the same link. This makes it easier to track recipients individually.

Create click-through-rate reports.

Export a list of those who did not click on your links and re-engage with them. Or, segment those who clicked through, and follow up with a nurture campaign. Reports can be as detailed as you like, right down to the minute the SMS was opened.

Short trackable links can provide insights in many ways, including:

If you have a last-minute update or need to share an important document, trackable URLs let you know who has opened it.
SMS marketing
Use SMS reports to optimise future campaigns. Pull insights on how people engaged for remarketing and nurturing.
SMS payment
Rest assured that your tenants or business clients have seen their SMS invoice. Follow up if a trackable link has not yet been opened.
Emergency SMS
Short URLs make it easier for governments and councils to track who in the community received time-sensitive and important alerts.

Learn how one of our customers benefited from SMS links.

Online florist’s network results bloom with SMS strategy.

Online florist’s network results bloom with SMS strategy.

The use of short trackable links allowed this florist to track customer engagement with great precision.

“We saw 1,000 unique visitors, with an average of two visits per unique user. Fifty consumers visited the site five or more times.”

Easy 3 step setup.

Whether you are sending a single text or thousands of messages, we aim to simplify this for you. Get 24/7 support from our team of SMS specialists.

1. Create an account with MessageMedia.

Our online web portal is easy to navigate and ready for you to send messages from. Or, integrate MessageMedia into your existing software to streamline workflows.

2. Set up Short Trackable Links.

This feature is automatically set up on our Conversations subscription plan. If you choose our Basics plan, speak to our SMS experts about flexible options to add this feature.

3. Start sending and tracking SMS URLs.

Enjoy the benefits of our Short Trackable Links feature. Send out automated shortened links, or let us know if you’re interested in a custom domain.