Chatbox to SMS

Seamlessly move website chat conversations with prospects and customers to SMS on their mobile devices, where it suits them most.

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Icon for Always on.

Always on.
Boost your website lead conversion rates and customer response times by capturing all enquiries 24/7.

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Convert and close.
Speed up your sales cycle and win more business by staying connected with your prospects and customers.

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Easy-to-use inbox.
Manage enquiries and track leads in one central spot. Easily send and receive replies from your MessageMedia inbox.

Why choose Chatbox to SMS?

Through the power of text messaging, Chatbox to SMS helps you quickly resolve customer enquiries and win new business — without the disconnection risk.

The key features.

Continue conversations with customers on their mobile phones after they have closed their browser, and create a customisable auto-response so you don’t keep them waiting in the meantime.

Cut through with SMS

By capturing mobile numbers upfront, cut through with customers and continue a two-way conversation with them on their mobile device.

Customise and personalise

Customise the Chatbox to suit your business needs before adding to your website. Incorporate your branding by changing the colours.

Automate your response

Create tailored auto-responders on Chatbox to acknowledge customer enquiries, manage response times, and provide opening hours. Set up your first automatic SMS to let your prospect know you’ll follow up soon.

Real time central inbox

Communicate with customers and prospects through MessageMedia’s real time inbox. Easily manage active enquiries, track conversation history, and archive any closed conversations.

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Sending replies to website enquiries as a text message ensures your recipients can conveniently continue the conversation, even when they’re on the go.

Customer service and support.
Quickly follow up on questions, comments, and concerns without having to keep your customers at their desktop.
Quotes and pricing enquiries.
Reply to leads in a convenient and engaging way. Keep communication open even when you’re offline.
Lead generation.
Capture new leads from website visitors when they’re most engaged, and manage them from your inbox.
Appointment bookings.
Allow patients and clients to enquire about your opening hours or text them about appointment availability.

Looking for support?

If you’d like help configuring Chatbox to SMS with your own colours or automated responses, or to find help embedding Chatbox to SMS for either Shopify, Google Tag Manager, or WordPress, click onto our support site and you should find everything you need. If not, don’t hesitate to contact us and our team of experts will be glad to assist.

Get started in 4 easy steps.

Set up MessageMedia’s Chatbox to SMS in less than 10 minutes. All you need is a dedicated mobile number from MessageMedia.

1. Sign up to a messaging plan
Chatbox to SMS is included in the following bundles: Conversations, Pro, Pro Plus, and Advanced.
2. Configure your Chatbox to SMS
Log into the MessageMedia portal to tailor your Chatbox to SMS with your brand colours, and set up auto-responses.
3. Generate your code snippet
Once configured, you will be immediately provided with a code snippet to be embedded on your website.
4. Implement Chatbox to SMS on your website
Simply embed the code snippet across your website — or on specific pages — and you’re live!


Chatbox to SMS allows you to capture customer enquiries and their details, including their name and mobile phone number, directly from your website. Unlike traditional webchat, your customer doesn’t need to wait at their computer for your response — or risk disconnection.

You will reply to their enquiry using your real-time MessageMedia inbox, and your reply will be sent as a text message to their mobile phone. This allows your customers to close their browser and walk away from the computer without ending the conversation. Your customer can reply when it’s convenient to them.

Via the MessageMedia portal:
All customer enquiries are collected within your MessageMedia inbox, and you will be promoted with a desktop notification (if enabled) to respond to customers directly from this inbox.

By email:
You can also configure email alerts, or use automation rules to forward the message to email so you can use our Email to SMS functionality to reply directly from your email inbox.

By API or Webhook:
Customer enquiries from the Chatbox are also treated as normal inbound SMS messages, and will appear in API responses and Webhooks, allowing you to respond from external software that integrates with MessageMedia.

Customers will receive your response as a text message to their mobile phone. To respond, they can simply reply by text message.
Chatbox to SMS is customisable to suit your business, including an auto-response. Easily configure your auto-response to include business operating hours and expected response times, to help deliver a great customer experience.
A dedicated number is required to access Chatbox to SMS, which enables you to have a two-way conversation with customers. The sender ID customers will see when receiving a text message from you will be your dedicated number, which looks like an Australian mobile number.