SMS for government

Public service providers around the world connect with their staff, constituents, and other stakeholders through text messaging

Send mass notifications

Send time critical updates notifications for public safety and awareness

Automate services

Integrate with your enterprise tools to enable advanced workflow functionality

Enterprise security

Send through our secure gateway and enterprise grade data warehouses

How SMS can transform government

SMS messages have a 90% open rate and are read within 90 seconds of arrival

  • Secure, reliable messaging partner

    As a global leader in secure text messaging for over 20 years, we have deep industry experience working with government at all levels, from international organisations to local fire stations.

  • Bulk and urgent messaging specialists

    Be agile with the support of specialists who can partner with your teams to send emergency information, educational campaigns and staff communications when urgent communications are needed.

  • Connected with your ecosystem

    Integrate SMS within your existing technology stack and send ad hoc or automated text messages to reduce administration cost, improve your service quality and efficiency across government departments.


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