Send SMS from your computer, easily.

Ditch manual texting. Build strong connections with your customers by staying on top of messages, via our online SMS platform.

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Reach more people.

Send and receive thousands of personalised messages from your web browser. Have 1-on-1 conversations or message large groups.

Save your team time.

Lighten the load with a shared team inbox. Stay on top of things with automated replies, scheduled messages, and templates.

Keep customers safe.

Send from a secure, reliable gateway. Data is kept airtight, so you and your customers get peace of mind.

The return on investment is amazing. It’s such a small price per text message, when you think about it, but we’ve been using them to get $90-$100 transactions. It’s just been really successful.

Wendy Faire, Marketing Manager, Coffex Coffee Pty Ltd

Here’s how online SMS can help your business.

Send automated, yet personal messages.

No need to reinvent the wheel every time you craft a text message. Templates, rules, and merge fields let you rinse and repeat your favourite on-brand messages (without losing that personal touch).

Get more eyes on your SMS campaigns.

Text messages get read, fast. We’re talking 90% open rates and 36% click through rates*. Cut through the noise and get more bang for your buck compared with email.

See what messages are working, and why.

Keep an eye on who’s opening and engaging with your SMS messages in your reporting dashboard. When you know what messages work for your customers, you can keep making them better and help boost ROI.

Want to see for yourself?


Explore these other features.

Dedicated number.

Stay consistent with a fixed phone number for your business.

Two-way SMS.

Connect with customers by receiving and replying to text messages.

Bulk messaging.

Broadcast thousands of texts at a time, quickly and easily.


Yes. If you have a large team, no problem. A “parent” account can have sub-accounts at different levels underneath it. And you’ll be able to keep an eye on activity.

You’ll get 14 days to explore the platform, plus 25 free messages to send. And when you’re ready, you can choose from one of our plans. Easy.

We’ve got different plans to suit your business, whether you’re looking for a no fuss, no frills way to send SMS, or want to create more engaging customer experiences. Check out our pricing plans.

You’ll get a few options to choose from. You can send SMS campaigns from a random number, your own dedicated number, or even your business name (alpha tag).