SMS for transport and logistics

Your business depends on consistently delivering the goods, on time, every time and keeping your customers happy

Transport and Logistics pill

Timely alerts and notifications

Keep your staff and customers informed with time-sensitive logistical updates

Integrate your supply chain

Connect SMS to your supply chain and streamline network-wide communication

Deliver on schedule everytime

Send and receive rostering, new jobs to drivers and delivery schedules

How SMS can transform transport and logistics

61% of consumers say that SMS notifications help them catch deliveries otherwise missed

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  • Automated SMS alerts and notifications

    Inform by sending logistics tracking updates, delivery confirmations and expected time of arrival to your customer's personal device.

  • Embedded in your ecosystem

    Integrate with your supply chain management software to improve customer service, efficiency and reduce cases of human error.

  • Integrated messaging for operations

    Streamline processes and communications with SMS to reduce delivery disputes, complaints and other service enquiries.