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Why you should send SMS online: it’s fast, efficient and easy!

In today’s world, there is an endless supply of new tools, methods and channels to communicate. Many businesses don’t know where to start.

SMS has proven time and time again to be one of the most efficient, easy and cost-effective ways to keep your business top-of-mind with any customer. Jump to our infographic.

There’s no reason for your staff to be just on the phone calling or emailing customers anymore! Enjoy the benefit of timely and effective SMS communications by automating everything to the scale that you need.

Connecting to an SMS platform like MessageMedia gives you the ability to send bulk SMS from your chosen device, and offers a very powerful solution for a number of communication issues. 

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Start sending SMS today

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Because our platform is online and self-service, start sending anytime, and from anywhere.

What are the benefits of sending SMS online

The main advantage when signing up with an SMS provider is that you can send thousands of text messages online – as long as you have their mobile number. 

It’s fast

Typing a message on a keyboard is much faster, easier and more accurate than laboriously typing out messages on your mobile phone.

Once online, you can upload your contacts into a database (don’t forget their country code) where you can quickly and easily sort your message recipient list or target audience.

It’s efficient

Send messages instantly or schedule them for your preferred delivery time. This is particularly useful for SMS marketing or SMS campaigns and bulk message sends, as you can broadcast thousands of messages instantaneously.

It’s easy to use

Send messages anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection or access to your email. Message sending can also be automated and embedded into your business processes and systems.

It’s adaptable

Online SMS is built for business. Generate real-time reports for your boss, check that messages for your marketing campaign are delivered using delivery receipts.

Plus, view a complete history of messages sent and received to ascertain you’re achieving the best ROI for your business.

It’s cost-effective

Sending text messages online through a provider is cheaper, and more practical than sending them directly from your mobile phone.

Different ways to send SMS online

There are several ways to send SMS messages online, and the best product will depend on your business needs and the text message application.

Send text messages via email

Email to SMS allows you to send and receive text messages from your email programs, such as Outlook, Gmail or Gmail or Office365.

Broadcast SMS via an online portal

Web-based SMS enables you to send and receive text messages from any computer with web access. It’s easy to set up and no additional software is required.

Integrate SMS into your software

Our SMS gateway is embedded into your existing systems or CRM. Our APIs enable you to integrate and automate sending and receiving text messages. Visit our integrations marketplace.


Start enjoying the benefits

Send SMS online with a free trial now.

Get 25 free SMS credits

Why choose MessageMedia as your SMS provider?

There are lots of SMS providers out there, and we share somewhat similar services and bundles. Here’s how MessageMedia sets itself apart from our competitors. 

Dedicated customer service

One of the values we hold at MessageMedia is that our customer is at the center of everything we do. From our finance team to legal to sales to support, we work hard to deliver a customer experience that delivers more to you for your customers.

Experience and expertise

We have been in business for over 20 years, and support the needs of over 65,000 customers globally.

MessageMedia’s platform services businesses of all sizes. From corporations of +1M customers to small businesses who only need to communicate with employees, we can help.

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Consistency and reliability

We send 400M (yes, million) messages per month. 

To do this, we maintain 99.99% gateway uptime and our system is monitored 24/7 to ensure there is no downtime for your business.

Our technology and infrastructure are not outsourced, we invested millions to build it ourselves.

In addition, all of our networks are constantly supported by the ‘heartbeat’. The heartbeat is a sophisticated monitoring system that dynamically reroutes any messages if a pathway is disrupted.

Scalability and innovation

MessageMedia prides itself on standing on the cutting edge of SMS technology. We offer leading SMS technologies, including MMS and mobile landing pages.

MessageMedia continues to look towards the future. SMS can continue to support our world’s changing communication needs.

In 2018, we sent over 2B messages for our customers. As you grow, we will grow alongside you. Our technology will always scale and adapt to your needs.


Start sending SMS today

Test it for yourself by signing up to a free trial

Plus get 25 SMS credits

If you’re interested, contact our team here and get in touch with our team to discuss your sending needs.