How Vinomofo achieved 120x ROI with SMS for HubSpot.

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Since 2011, Vinomofo have grown their loyal tribe of wine enthusiasts to bring 100% happiness guarantee to hundreds of thousands of mofos (aka customers).

Focusing on personalised marketing and creating engaging experiences was what really set the brand apart. “The more personalised we are, the better results we see,” says Jobeth Harvey, Email Marketing Manager.

And the facts speak for themselves. In 2020 alone, their forward-thinking focus on ecommerce has paid off with a massive uplift in wine sales by 50-75%.

Jobeth Harvey, Email Marketing Manager, Vinomofo

The challenge.

The Vinomofo marketing team used multiple tools to manage data and communications for their cross-channel marketing.

While this initially proved very successful, the various tools and systems were becoming cumbersome to manage. And they didn’t want to have to rely solely on one form of communication.

Vinomofo had two key goals:

  • Streamline their processes and tools in order to retain a 360-degree customer view 
  • Drive sales with personalised and engaging experiences

Having already created highly successful and personalised email marketing automations through HubSpot, Vinomofo decided to use the business growth platform as their one source of truth and single customer view. Bringing all their tools and systems under the one HubSpot roof allowed them to start building a better customer experience almost immediately.

One problem remained: what channels could they now add to aid them in their personalisation and sales goals, but would also work with HubSpot?

Their solution was clear: integrating SMS into HubSpot.

Want to integrate SMS into HubSpot?

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The solution.

Vinomofo’s interest in SMS began when they noticed other online retailers using it to promote quick sale events.  

In 2019, Vinomofo brought Sinch MessageMedia on board as a messaging solutions tech partner. Knowing the power of SMS to create truly engaging, personalised experiences, Sinch MessageMedia went out of their way to create the direct integration, SMS for HubSpot.

The SMS for HubSpot integration has been a fantastic addition to our marketing arsenal with 120X ROI and 21% conversions!

Jobeth Harvey, Email Marketing Manager, Vinomofo

Cross-channel automated workflows.

Over six months, consistent performance results from text messaging led to them scaling use across the board. Email and SMS were used in tandem for these campaigns to achieve a truly cross-channel marketing experience. 

  • Promotional offers 
  • New customer onboarding 
  • Special birthday automations 
  • Reengagement campaigns 

“Sinch MessageMedia’s integration for HubSpot solves a lot of the problems we were having with our communications being on multiple platforms,” says Jobeth.

Reengagement campaigns.

Vinomofo found success particularly when using SMS to build reengagement campaigns to slow customer churn. Acquiring new customers, after all, is five times more expensive than simply retaining or reengaging your existing base. 

“We want to be able to send the right message to the right audience at the right time to ensure engagement and personalisation,” says Mariano Favia, Head of Marketing at Vinomofo. 

They targeted customers that hadn’t purchased for up to 12 months since their last acquisition. Within HubSpot, they were able to build simple to very complex workflows from scratch. And with the integration, text messaging was easily slotted in as an alternative or addition to existing automated email triggers.

Here’s an example:

Vinomofo churn example
  • Last date of purchase > X weeks, send email with xxxx 
  • Two days later, if customer did not purchase, send another email 
  • Two days later, if customer did not purchase, send an SMS
Vinomofo text message example

By adding SMS to their reengagement campaigns, Vinomofo saw: 

  • 50% reengaged customers 
  • 120x return on investment 
  • 21% increase in sales conversion 
  • 0.05% low unsubscribe rate 

We chose SMS in addition to email to help reduce churn because it allows us to reach more customers which creates better cut-through and engagement for our campaigns.

Mariano Favia, Head of Marketing, Vinomofo

Customer support.

Using the integration, Vinomofo were able to send SMS communications directly within the platform and maintain a single customer view with automatic logging and tracking of activity against individual contacts.  

“Sinch MessageMedia recognised our needs for 360-degree view of customer and scoped out the HubSpot integration for us, which really helped solve our problem,” says Jobeth. 

Keeping that single customer view was also a significant advantage not just for their marketing team but for their large customer service team too.

The results.

“Our results powered by SMS were truly impressive,” says Jobeth.  

SMS has helped Vinomofo achieve their marketing goals by giving the team another way to easily communicate with customers, significantly improving coverage and reach.  

The addition of text messaging also helped their campaigns to stand out from their competitors – and was especially useful for their business model which requires fast sales and a high turnover of stock. 

Implementing SMS for HubSpot was “incredibly straightforward […] The SMS for HubSpot integration has been a fantastic addition to our marketing arsenal,” adds Jobeth.

Having a direct integration into HubSpot granted Vinomofo the ability to ‘set and forget’ text message campaigns while still providing a better experience for customers and achieving fantastic business results. 

Sending SMS through HubSpot has helped the team overcome many of their challenges such as making their marketing communications even more personalised. They’re now able to target customers “when we want, on the channel that they want.”

What’s next?

Going forward, Vinomofo will be looking to see how else SMS will support their business goals.  

The simple text message has proved itself to be a key channel to not only promote their many sales events and deals, but also create more personalised experiences.  

They are now considering using SMS for HubSpot to send out personalised messages directly from a customer’s chosen wine dealer. 

“We look forward to working with Sinch MessageMedia well into the future to continue to create highly relevant, highly personalised experiences for all our customers,” says Jobeth.


Vinomofo is an online wine retailer, working with the best local and international producers. According to their team, “if we don’t love it, we don’t sell it.”


Jobeth Harvey, Email Marketing Manager; Mariano Favia, Head of Marketing




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