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6 tips to boost your EOFY sales with SMS

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Tips, tricks & hacks 5 min read | Jade Gebbie wrote in blog on May 24, 2024

The end of the financial year means go-time for business owners. But how do you ramp up sales in a time when everyone is doing the same? With SMS. We’ve put together 6 text messaging tips to help you boost your sales during EOFY.

The end of the financial year (EOFY for short) is a hectic time for most business owners – and retailers are no different. On top of the paperwork scramble, it’s a time to sell off as much stock as you can. The more you sell, the better your financial position for the following year, not to mention freeing up warehouse space for newer, more exciting product.  

So, sale time it is. But how do you get the message out when every retailer has the same idea? SMS.  

With an almost unbelievable 98% open rate and a response rate that beats email eight times over, SMS is a super direct, super effective way to talk to your customers and, ultimately, get stock out the door (virtual or otherwise).  

Here’s our mini guide to using SMS as a sales booster.  

1. Pull people in with exclusive in-store deals

Online shopping is amazing, but being able to touch, try on, and try out products in person is a whole different experience. One of the most effective tips for EOFY sales is therefore to attract shoppers to your store. If you have a real-life shop or multiple locations, draw people in with an exclusive EOFY sales event – complete with bubbles, snacks and extra discounts. It’s a great way to reward loyalty, launch a major sale, and hopefully sell some product on the spot.  

Because SMS feels small and personal, it’s the perfect way to invite customers to an in-store event. 

EOFY in-store deal SMS example

TEMPLATE: Hi #NAME#, we’re launching our EOFY sale with an exclusive sales event. Pop into our #Location# store at #Time/Date# for bubbles and bargains! Text STOP to opt out.

2. Say thanks to your biggest fans

Why not use your EOFY sale as a chance to shout out to your most loyal customers? As long-time customers – and big spenders – they deserve a bit of recognition, after all.  

Give this group the royal treatment with early access to sale deals or an exclusive discount code. They feel special. You sell more. Win-win.  

TEMPLATE: Hey #NAME#. Thanks for being one of our most loyal customers – we love to see it! To say thanks, we’re giving you early access to our annual EOFY sale. Use VIP code 25OFF at checkout this weekend. Text STOP to opt out. 

3. Take people straight to your best deals

Got an offer that you know people will go crazy for? Instead of sending a general sales message, use in-message links to send them directly to the product or sale page. Less searching around and frustration for them, more ‘add to carts’ for you.  

TEMPLATE: #NAME#, you’ll want to see this! We’re celebrating EOFY with a huge 30% off all our glassware. Pop over to our online store to shop the sale: #link#. Text STOP to opt out. 

4. Bring back the indecisive shoppers

If you’re an online retailer, you’ll know how frustrating abandoned carts can be. While some shoppers will have just changed their minds, others could be pulled back in with a short and sweet reminder text.  Include a discount code for an extra nudge and an embedded link so they can get right back to shopping.  

It’s worth a try: our research shows that for every 100 reminder texts sent, an average of 16 people go back and complete the sale.  

TEMPLATE: Hi #NAME#, we’ve saved your cart just in case, plus an extra 5% discount just because we feel like it. Ends midnight tonight. Finish shopping here: #link#. Text STOP to opt out. 

5. Create a sense of urgency

EOFY has a built-in end date, so it’s the perfect opportunity to run a short, sharp flash sale. Creating FOMO is therefore one of the most successful EOFY tips for boosting sales.  

Offer bigger-than-usual discounts for a week or two, or even just a few days – there’s nothing like a sense of urgency and FOMO to get people buying.  

Of course, when time is limited, SMS is the quickest way to get the message out.  

TEMPLATE: Hey #NAME#, ready for our EOFY flash sale? We’re offering discounts of up to 50% from now till Friday – don’t miss out! Shop the sale here: #link#. Text STOP to opt out. 

Want to go above and beyond? Use images for an instant boost

Ever noticed that your eyes scan past text and latch onto images? The science bears that out, with studies showing that people remember 80% of what they see, but just 20% of information they read. Use this insight, along with our Mixed Media Messaging (MMS) functionality, to send texts with embedded images. A gorgeous product shot or cute graphic can really help make your message stand out.

TEMPLATE: Hey #NAME#, our EOFY frenzy sale starts today! Get discounts of up to 40% on shoes, bags, and other accessories – check it out here. #link#. Text STOP to opt out. 

Tips for your EOFY sales: Use SMS as your secret weapon

SMS is a deceptively simple way to connect with customers and turbo-charge sales at EOFY (and year-round). Even better? Setting up messaging is quick and easy, giving you plenty of time to figure out that pesky EOFY paperwork.  

Ready to roll?

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