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4 helpful hacks to boost EOFY sales using SMS

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Tips, tricks & hacks 3 min read | Sinch Messagemedia wrote in blog on May 4, 2023

The end of the financial year, aka EOFY, is fast approaching. This means it’s time for retailers to put supercharged sales plans into action. Whether you need to clear out old stock or make way for new arrivals, an EOFY sale is a great opportunity to boost your bottom line. Ka-ching.

Question is, how do you get your sweet EOFY deals in front of your customers? How can you cut through the ‘tax time’ clutter to make sure customers buy from you, and not your competitors? Three letters: SMS.

With open rates of 98% and 8x the response rate of email, SMS is your secret weapon for selling more stuff during tax time. Let’s explore the most effective ways to use SMS to boost your EOFY sales.

1. Reward loyal fans with early and exclusive access.

Give your most loyal customers the red carpet treatment by offering early access to discounts or a members-only sale. Nothing entices people to buy more than a sense that they’re getting an exclusive deal. Little effort. Big win.

eofy sale text message

TEMPLATE: Hi #NAME#. To say thanks for being a loyal customer, we’re giving you early access to our annual EOFY sale. Use VIP code 25OFF at checkout this weekend. Text STOP to opt-out.

2. Lure people in-store for a premium shopping experience.

If you’ve got a bricks-and-mortar store, then now’s the time to bring more people through your doors. Hold a one-off, out-of-hours retail evening — don’t forget the bubbles — to entice customers to pay you a visit. Or sweeten the in-store deal with an extra discount for in-store purchases. And the best way to promote these things? A quick text message.

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TEMPLATE: Hey #NAME#, enjoy an extra 10% off all sale items when you buy in-store. Pop into any of our #COMPANY# stores until June 30 and save. Text STOP to opt-out.

3. Drive online traffic with a too-good-to-resist offer.

If yours is an ecommerce store, then use SMS marketing to let your fans know exactly where to go to get the best bargain. That is, pop helpful links straight to your sales page or top-selling goods in your text message. Then, sit back and watch the traffic flow.

ecommerce eofy sale sms

TEMPLATE: Happy EOFY, #NAME#. We’re celebrating tax time with a massive 25% of our top-selling woven rugs. Jump online before stocks run out: #link# Text STOP to opt-out

4. Win back the folks who abandoned you.

With online shoppers scrambling to secure the best deals in EOFY sales, cart abandonment starts to feel real. A quick text message — perhaps with a deal-sweetening discount code — could help you win them back. In fact, our research tells us that for every 100 text messages sent, on average, 16 recently abandoned carts can be recovered. Boom.

abandoned cart sms discount

TEMPLATE: Hey #NAME#, we’ve saved your cart and thrown in an extra 5% discount. Ends midnight tonight. Finish shopping here: #link# Text STOP to opt-out.

Make SMS your EOFY superpower.

The best bit about using SMS in the lead-up to tax time? It’s so quick and easy to get started — which means more time to focus on actual sales.

Ready to roll?

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