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6 EOFY marketing tips for better sales [SMS edition]

The end of the financial year (EOFY) is always an exciting time. For consumers, it’s a little extra back in their pockets, and a little bit more to spend. For retailers and e-commerce, it’s sales time to clear away extra stock, make more sales, and to prepare for a bright new financial year. With open rates of 98% and 8x the response rate of email, SMS is your secret weapon to make more sales during tax time.

NOTE: As these are marketing messages, make sure that customers have opted in to receive marketing and promotional SMS messages. All messages must also include an opt-out.

Learn our top SMS use cases (with templates) for online and physical stores:

SMS marketing and sales tactics for bricks and mortar retailers

Who doesn’t remember walking past a great EOFY sales and stopping to peek in? With retailers and stores open again, this is a great time to remind customers to get back in the shopping spirit and some great sales offers.

Sales launch with early access for loyal subscribers

Let customers know that you’re open and sales are on. This should be coordinated across all channels such as social media, websites, and even sales signs in your shop windows. If you have a loyal subscriber list, make them feel special by giving them early access to your sales before other customers can get onto your deals.

Hey #NAME#, our 25% store-wide EOFY sales are now on! Find your nearest store now: #LINK# Txt STOP to opt-out 

Hi #NAME#, to thank you for being a loyal customer, get access to our annual EOFY sales early! Show code: 25OFF when you shop in-store on May 31. Txt STOP to opt-out

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Encourage in-store shopping with better deals

While many customers are shopping online these days, encourage them to shop in-store with even sweeter deals.

Hey #NAME#, we have 25% off online but 35% off if you buy in-store! Sale on across June. Txt STOP to opt-out

Treat loyal customers to subscriber-only sales or prices

Nurture long-term relationships (and make prospective customers jealous) by promoting special deals for club members or repeat shoppers. EOFY is a great time — like birthdays and Christmas — to give loyal customers a reward for their sustained loyalty. Get new customers to sign up to your SMS sales alert list by promoting these special treats via other channels. 

For current customers

Hi #NAME#, we reward loyalty! Come in-store during EOFY and grab your free gift!. Txt STOP to opt-out

For new customers (on your website)  

Website pop up to collect customer numbers for SMS campaigns

Sell out in seconds this EOFY

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SMS marketing for ecommerce for EOFY

Ecommerce sales are on the rise and even more people are enjoying the online shopping experience. For smaller retailers, it’s also a good time opportunity to show that EOFY sales are extended online.

Alert customers to online EOFY deals

Send customers a quick text to let them know what special sales or deals you’re doing across the month.

For our June EOFY sales, we’re doing 25% off site-wide. Start shopping now: #link#

For newer customers, it’s unlikely you’ll have their numbers yet so you’ll need to get them to opt-in. Use a pop-up, email marketing or social competition to get them to exchange their details for an extra discount or prize.

Example of a social campaign for SMS journey

Once they’ve texted in or submitted their details, set up an automated SMS reply like this:

Thanks #NAME#. You’re now in the draw for our top lolly hamper. If you want to opt-in for more EOFY deals, text: YES LOLLY or STOP to opt-out

Awesome #NAME#! Get 30% off any pick and mix bundle online by using code 30OFF

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Make it flash with time based deals and offerings

There is nothing that will beat the convenience and ease of online sales against sales in-store. For businesses that have both, make sure to use different strategies and SMS campaigns to meet the needs of customers who prefer one over the other. 

For ecommerce stores, use flash sales to encourage impulse purchases or upsells during June. Additionally, if you’r suffering from a low rate of recovery for abandoned carts, time-sensitive text message reminders can be used to recoup lost orders.

We noticed you left items in your shopping cart: Get 15% off for the next 15 mins. Use code: EOFY15 Txt STOP to opt-out

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Incentivise online sales with free delivery

One of the hardest things to overcome between ecommerce stores and in-store shopping is the immediacy of your purchase. When you buy in-store, you get to experience the thrill of the gift almost immediately whereas there is always a gratification delay with online shopping. 

With postal delivery becoming faster and faster, the best way to encourage online sales during EOFY is to gift free express delivery. If this might be too expensive for you, make sure to encourage bulk buys or minimum cost buys ($50 or above for free express delivery) for faster postage. 

#NAME#, get free delivery for all EOFY sales orders in June! Use code: FREEEOFY Txt STOP to opt out


Make your EOFY sales soar

Try it now with an SMS marketing campaign

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Final thoughts, further reading

If your business has ecommerce and in-store locations, use all of these tactics together to make the most out of EOFY sales. Make sure to use different strategies to create a strong customer journey that converts. 

For example, if you’re a makeup brand and the data tells you that customers prefer to try out products in-store, make sure you get them to sign up to your text list while they’re there. If they didn’t buy anything, use their customer details to re-market select products to them via SMS. Push them to purchase through your ecommerce store using a shortened link and an even better discount. Make sure to put a time limit on that discount so it creates the urgency to buy now!

Final tip: Look at your data and customer journeys from last year, and other peak buying times, and figure out what are the best strategies for your customers during this year’s EOFY sales.  

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