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Best SMS marketing examples for 2024: 4 businesses that nailed it

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Trends & Innovations 6 min read | Marinela Potor wrote in blog on April 16, 2024

Looking for inspiration for your next SMS campaign? We’ve rounded up the best SMS marketing examples from Australia that we’ve seen so far in 2024, and share their secrets to success.

Gone are the days when companies just used SMS to blast out promos to entire databases. Today, it’s a highly personalised, creative, and impactful marketing tool. As the best SMS marketing examples show, it helps businesses to connect with customers in more meaningful ways.  

Indeed, we can all learn a thing or two from those who take the simplicity of SMS and turn it into a powerful part of their broader marketing strategy. 

Here are some of our favourite SMS marketing campaigns that we’ve seen so far.  

Best SMS marketing examples: Let these four companies inspire you

When you find the magic formula for SMS, you gain your customers’ trust and loyalty, while also saving your team a lot of time and effort — just as these four businesses have done. 

Vinomofo: 120x ROI and 21% conversions with SMS and HubSpot

Vinomofo is an Australian online platform for wine enthusiasts. Mofos (aka customers) come to Vinomofo for personal recommendations, finding new wines that fit their taste, and for building a community with other wine aficionados. Vinomofo has been successful since 2011 because they understand their customers’ need for a highly personalised experience. Focusing on personalised marketing and creating engaging experiences has always been what really set the brand apart.

In order to cater to their customers’ individual preferences, Vinomofo was working with several data and communication tools which, with their growing user base, became increasingly more difficult to manage. As they were unifying all their marketing campaigns under HubSpot, they ran into a hurdle. SMS integration.

As SMS marketing renders some of the highest conversion rates and ROI, it was important for Vinomofo to find an SMS marketing tool that would also work with HubSpot and would support their email and SMS cross-channel campaigns. With Sinch MessageMedia, they did. And not only that, the easy HubSpot integration boosted their conversions even more.

This didn’t just work for one campaign, but gave Vinomofo consistent results over months. What’s even more, their SMS and email cross-channel efforts were particularly successful with reengagement campaigns. These highly personalised messages helped reduce churn, which is huge for companies with a subscription-based business model like Vinomofo.

Do more with SMS and HubSpot

Build strong connections without switching platforms. Add SMS and MMS to your existing automation and nurture leads with ease.

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Muse: Pilates studio grows click-through rate 16% with SMS

When a business jumps from a few hundred to a couple of thousand members, there’s bound to be some growing pains. For Muse Pilates, the biggest challenge was staying connected with their rapidly expanding community — particularly given the Muse team prides itself on personalised service. 

To solve the challenge, Muse decided to add SMS to their marketing toolkit. For this, they partnered with Sinch MessageMedia. Now, the team has a flexible, engaging way to connect with members, either all at once or one-on-one.  For example, bulk SMS messages are used to market class packs and offers to all members — with custom fields enabling them to add the personal touch to every single message.

The impressive results: Muse has been able to increase their average click-through rate by a whooping 16%!

And, by using a dedicated number that members know and trust, the Muse team is having more (lots more) two-way conversations. 56% of their outbound messages in 2023 were MMS. And the average click-through rate? An incredible 23% while also using short trackable links

Yarn: 3x ROI with bulk SMS

Yarn is Australia’s premier marketplace for authentic First Nations collaborations and products. Its mission is simple — to help indigenous-owned businesses and artists share their culture and unique stories with more people. 

To cut through the clutter in a crowded market, Yarn adopts a multichannel approach to marketing — and SMS has become a key ingredient in the mix. 

Using Sinch MessageMedia’s smooth HubSpot integration, Yarn can easily send promotions or sales messages out via whichever channel they decide is best. For example, in the lead-up to big sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they send personalised bulk SMS campaigns to alert customers to their biggest deals. 

And, to nurture the corporate sales side of the business, Yarn is embracing the convenience of two-way SMS to help accelerate the time it takes to close a deal. 

What’s proved particularly successful for Yarn is combining SMS and MMS for big sales events. They’ve seen a massive increase in engagement and conversions, particularly after introducing images to their SMS campaigns.

Hamper Emporium: Increasing repeat buys by 36% through SMS campaigns

Did you know that the probability of selling to an existing customer is around 70% compared to 5% with a new customer? That’s why getting customers to buy from you again has a big impact on your revenue. Of course that only works if existing customers re-engage with your brand.

The Australian gift basket retailer, Hamper Emporium, was struggling to stand out from the competition. Until they discovered SMS. As soon as Hamper Emporium started using Sinch MessageMedia to promote their gift baskets via text message, it became a game changer.

With SMS marketing, Hamper Emporium was able to:

  • increase repeat buys by 36%
  • save ad money (buying a keyword on AdWords costs $15 per click, a text message with Sinch MessageMedia is 10 cents)
  • grow revenue by 50%

What you can learn from the best SMS marketing examples

1. A personal touch helps nurture long-term loyalty. 

Examples like Vinomofo or Muse Pilates show: personalisation goes a long way towards building trust. In fact, 64% of today’s customers want their messages personalised

And it can still be achieved even when your business is growing fast. With a platform like Sinch MessageMedia behind you, it’s easy to automate the sending of personalised messages at scale — freeing up your time to really nurture customer relationships. 

2. SMS is most powerful in tandem with other channels. 

None of the businesses above abandoned other marketing channels. Instead, SMS is just one tool in a cross-channel marketing strategy. 

In fact, our recent research into forging customer connections found that cross-channel engagement is the way forward to build and maintain strong connections — for example, 39% of consumers still want to receive an email for personalised product recommendations based on purchase history. 

The takeaway? Identify which channels work best for different types of messages, and constantly test, learn and refine your approach. 

3. It’s time to get conversational with your customers.

Businesses that run successful SMS campaigns are all embracing a more fluid, friendly way to engage with customers. They understand the effect that conversational messaging can have — and they have set up their systems to enable it. 

You can, too. A platform like Sinch MessageMedia makes it easy to integrate SMS campaigns into your overall SMS marketing strategy.   

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