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Best SMS marketing examples for 2024: 3 businesses that nailed it

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Trends & Innovations 5 min read | Marinela Potor wrote in blog on April 16, 2024

Looking for inspiration for your next SMS campaign? We’ve rounded up the best SMS marketing examples that we’ve seen so far in 2024, and share their secrets to success.

Gone are the days when companies just used SMS to blast out promos to entire databases. Today, it’s a highly personalized, creative, and impactful marketing tool. As the best SMS marketing examples show, it helps businesses to connect with customers in more meaningful ways.  

Indeed, we can all learn a thing or two from those who take the simplicity of SMS and turn it into a powerful part of their broader marketing strategy. 

Here are some of our favorite SMS marketing campaigns that we’ve seen so far.  

Best SMS marketing examples: Let these three companies inspire you

When you find the magic formula for SMS, you gain your customers’ trust and loyalty, while also saving your team a lot of time and effort — just as these three businesses have done. 

Glamour Shop: Creating that personal touch with SMS + MMS

Glamour Shop is a four-generation, family-owned fashion store renowned for its chic styles and ultra-personalized attention. Yet, delivering this personal touch took time. 

The brand wanted a way to get in touch with VIP customers in real time, to tell them about time-sensitive promotions and fun events. It needed to be visually appealing and as easy as possible to incorporate into the business manager’s jam-packed day. 

The solution? Sinch MessageMedia MMS, which can send crisp and gorgeous images through text, using the platform they already work from.  

Now, Glamour Shop can send tailored communication with no extra effort, reaching each and every VIP customer with a personal touch

Show off your brand with MMS messaging

Send eye-catching visuals with MMS to boost engagement and grab your customers’ attention.

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IdeaTek Kansas: Reaching new customers with SMS campaigns

IdeaTek is a Kansas-based internet service provider with a mission: expanding broadband internet access to rural areas of the state. With one million Kansans living in rural areas without reliable internet service, this is an ambitious goal. But IdeaTek also faced another challenge.

They needed to reach customers before the big telecom companies did. In addition, IdeaTek also wanted to monitor the automated texts they sent to customers. As they were using an external tool, it was hard to manage responses and improve customer satisfaction.

Since IdeaTek was already working with Zoho as their designated CRM system, they wanted a solution that allowed them to easily set up SMS campaigns, but would also work with Zoho. They found Sinch MessageMedia! With the mass texting service, they can now drum up business by sending personalized bulk messages. And with the Zoho integration, it’s easy for the team to keep track of everything from one spot.

With their SMS campaigns, IdeaTek reaches now customers in 89 cities in Kansas and the automated SMS reminders have improved customer engagement and streamlined support, winning fans among customers and the sales reps

Petals: Mobile landing pages let online florists campaigns bloom

With online shops around the world, standing out from the competition is really tough for online florists, especially on special occasions like Mother’s Day or Christmas where literally everyone sends out promotions.

That’s why Petals, an affiliate of Teleflora USA was looking for more innovative ways of digital marketing. When they thought about ways to stay present in their customers’ busy lives and foster a more personal and engaging exchange, they quickly realized the power of mobile marketing, says Gene Nubla, General Manager at Teleflora International/Petals Network. “We see a lot of customers browsing on mobile, and we need to be there.”

As they had already seen good success with their SMS and MMS Mother’s Day campaigns, they wanted to work with mobile landing pages for a Christmas promotion. With Sinch MessageMedia, this is not a big technological challenge. Businesses can easily create and send a tailored landing page, using their own branding, colors, and logo, no special developer help needed.

With this smooth set-up, Petals sent out SMS with a call-to-action (CTA) button inviting recipients to order, and then linked directly to the relevant page on their own website. A second CTA button also enabled customer calls with just one tap for those who were looking for a consultation or had additional questions.

SMS for Florists

Using mobile landing pages led to a higher level of customer engagement compared to similar SMS campaigns, says Gene Nubla.

What you can learn from the best SMS marketing examples

1. A personal touch helps nurture long-term loyalty. 

Examples like Glamour Shop or IdeaTek show: personalization goes a long way towards building trust.  In fact, 64% of today’s customers want their messages personalized

And it can still be achieved even when your business is growing fast. With a platform like Since MessageMedia behind you, it’s easy to automate the sending of personalized messages at scale — freeing up your time to really nurture customer relationships. 

2. SMS is most powerful in tandem with other channels. 

None of the businesses above abandoned other marketing channels. Instead, SMS is just one tool in a cross-channel marketing strategy. 

In fact, our recent research into forging customer connections found that cross-channel engagement is the way forward to build and maintain strong connections — for example, 39% of consumers still want to receive an email for personalized product recommendations based on purchase history. 

The takeaway? Identify which channels work best for different types of messages, and constantly test, learn and refine your approach. 

3. It’s time to get conversational with your customers.

Businesses that run successful SMS campaigns are all embracing a more fluid, friendly way to engage with customers. They understand the effect that conversational messaging can have — and they have set up their systems to enable it. 

You can, too. A platform like Sinch MessageMedia makes it easy to integrate SMS campaigns into your overall SMS marketing strategy.   

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