Dedicated mobile numbers

The get dedicated number selection screen inside the MessageMedia portal

Enhance your customer experience and boost brand recognition. Send and receive SMS messages from a single virtual phone number.

The get dedicated number selection screen inside the MessageMedia portal
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Inbound messaging

Provide a single access point for your customers. Let them initiate a conversation with you any time in a cost effective way.

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Consistent sender ID (or branding)

Sending messages from the same phone number every time helps your customers know the SMS message is from you.

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Fluid two-way conversation

All of your messages and replies go into a single thread, so important information stays in one place for customers to refer back to.

How dedicated virtual numbers can help your business

Your SMS identity is just as important to your brand as your website address or logo. Ensure you have a virtual mobile number to provide a personalized and trusted brand experience.

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  • Help customers recognize your number

    All of your business SMS can originate from the same number, making you more accessible to your customers and staff. You can advertise this number on your marketing collateral, video, print and on the web.

  • Enjoy customer initiated communication

    With a dedicated number, your customers can initiate communication by sending an SMS to you. You can provide customers with the information they need as they need it. Messages won’t expire.

  • Save time by setting up automated processes

    Set up special deals and campaigns based on the keyword response when customers ‘text-in’ to your dedicated mobile number. Forward these inbound SMS messages to your email to stay informed.

Ways to use

Learn how you can use dedicated SMS numbers for your business.

SMS marketing campaigns

Encourage customers to text-in a keyword, which triggers an automated response and builds your marketing database.

Mass alerts & notifications

Send updates, notifications and alerts using a single number that your customers, staff or community can identify and trust.

Feedback & surveys

Follow-up with a survey to your customers and allow them to reply directly. Set up rules associated with inbound keywords.

Appointment reminders

Keep track of appointment confirmations, rescheduling or cancellations and reduce no-shows by sending booking reminders.

Easy 3 step setup

Getting access to a dedicated number is simple when using our cloud-based SMS portal. Get 24/7 premium support from our Australia based team.

Get started in just 3 steps
  • Log in to your MessageMedia account

    Log in to our user-friendly and intuitive online web portal.

  • Get your dedicated number

    Quickly purchase your preferred virtual number from the Sender IDs page or from the Send Message page.

  • Use your selected Sender ID

    Select and use your dedicated number from the ‘Send Message’ page.