Use the same mobile number for SMS, every time.

Make it easy for your customers to recognise you by choosing one mobile number, and sticking with it.

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Icon for Get set up fast.

Get set up fast.
Simply log in to the MessageMedia portal to choose your dedicated virtual number. Getting started is easy as.

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Make yourself known.
Customers can save your mobile number to their contacts. Then, when they have a question, you’re right there.

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Offer peace of mind.
By using the same sender ID each time, all your messages stay in a single, secure thread. Customers know it’s you.

Here’s how a dedicated number can help your business boom.

Image for Take customer service to the next level.
Take customer service to the next level.
When it comes to great customer service, two-way chat is where it’s at. And you’ll need a dedicated virtual number to make the most of these helpful chats.
Image for Keep track of all your conversations.
Keep track of all your conversations.
With a dedicated virtual number, all of your conversation threads are stored in your inbox. Both you and your customers can easily refer back to past messages.
Image for Save time with automated sending.
Save time with automated sending.
Free up your team’s time by setting up automatic responses to common queries. Then, when a customer sends you a message, you can ping them straight back with an answer.

Want to see for yourself?

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Try using a dedicated number to do all this.

Customer support.

Give customers an easy way to reach out with queries or ask for help with two-way chat using a dedicated number.

Managing appointments

Confirm bookings via your dedicated virtual number, and follow up with appointment reminders to minimise no-shows.

SMS surveys.

Find out what your customers really think with short and snappy surveys about their interaction with you.

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Check out more features.

Image for Two-way SMS.
Two-way SMS.
Chat with your customers in the channel they love.
Image for Online SMS.
Online SMS.
Send and receive messages from The Hub on your browser.
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Alpha tags.
Want instant recognition? Send SMS from a name, not a number.


Both are dedicated — as in, yours and yours alone.

But a dedicated alpha tag, also known as an alphanumeric sender ID, can only send texts one-way (unlike a dedicated virtual number, which you can use to send and receive SMS). With this in mind, alpha tags are ideal for things like two-factor authentication and SMS marketing that doesn’t require a reply.
If you don’t use a dedicated mobile number or alpha tag, your SMS messages will be sent from our shared numbers pool. Shared numbers come with your account at no extra cost, but each message is sent from a different number. Your customers can still reply and unsubscribe to these messages — but your messages won’t appear as a single thread on their phone.
All our plans (except the Basics plan) come with one dedicated number included.