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12 Days of SMS Christmas Marketing Ideas [SMS edition]

As Christmas rolls around again, it’s time for retailers to pull out all the stops to make sure their businesses stand out as the competition grows fiercer and noisier. 

That’s where SMS can help with 98% cut-through, and 90% of texts read within 90 seconds. Take your marketing to the next level and try one of these 12 creative SMS ideas right now. 


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12 SMS campaigns for good Christmas sales

1. Tis the season of giving

In-store giveaway Christmas marketing idea

With many stores reopening under new COVID Safe rules, encourage customers to check in with an in-store giveaway. Options could include: 

  • First 1000 visitors win an item 
  • Buy $X amount of product and claim your free gift 
  • 100 free gifts for those who bring in a text coupon or voucher 

You have many marketing tools at your disposal to spread the word, and ensure you include SMS messages to get the best cut-through. 

2. Run a Christmas competition

Get in the spirit this holiday season with a jolly competition!  

Competition for Christmas SMS marketing

Combine multiple channels to reach more participants such as sharing the competition on social media and having customers sign up via SMS.  

Pro tip: Make it even easier for customers to enter when you purchase a dedicated number so that customers can simply ‘text-in’ and get instant confirmation that they’re in it to win it.   

3. Refer-a-friendeer

Reward your loyal customers this Christmas! Do it with surprise gifts, early access to deals or product exclusives (more on this later). 

Refer a friend Christmas SMS marketing idea

Give loyal customers to extra rewards when they invite their friends and family to shop with your brand too. Send a text message with a unique gift code for them and their friends.  

4. Deck your collections

Print catalogues of Christmas gifts can be visual, but easily ignored. Send your lazy or last-minute customers present ideas with targeted gift guides. 

Send a link to your Christmas gift collection for SMS Christmas marketing ideas

Segment your customer lists based on preferences or demos, then send out text marketing campaigns based on who they’re most likely to buy for. Enable short trackable links to save on characters when writing your messages. 

Pro tip: Send out similar campaigns post-Christmas but this time, focus on deals and offers for gifts they can buy themselves. 

5. Get it before Christmas

With delays on deliveries all year, keep customers in the know with automated text alerts on upcoming or last-minute shipping dates.  

Update them on delivery times through SMS - Christmas marketing idea

Boost your subscriber base when you get customers to subscribe to text reminders and grow your SMS remarketing lists.  

Pro tip: It’s easy to set up text message automations with this 5-tip guide


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6. 12 Days of Christmas discounts

Have a hot list of VIPs you want to reward during the silly season?  

Give then 12 days of Christmas discounts as a SMS marketing idea

Treat them to 12 Days of special Christmas coupons, discounts and exclusives direct to their mobile.  

Pro tip: Use this opportunity to grab customer’s phone numbers and grow your text lists. 

7. Give the gift of charity

Christmas, unlike other sales dates like Black Friday, can be a time to give back to the less fortunate.  

Instead of focusing purely on discounting sales for customers, offer to pay the discount forward.  

Allow customers to pay it forward to charity for Christmas SMS marketing

Give the gift of Christmas by offering to donate a portion of the sale price to a charity of the customer’s choice. 

8. Make merry times

Instead of overwhelming customers with promotions, discounts and sales; create helpful, fun experiences or content to help nurture a long-lasting relationship beyond the purchase.  

Merry times and helpful content as a SMS Christmas marketing idea

For example, if a customer is buying a scooter for their child, offer free post-Christmas workshops on maintenance and care. If a giftee has received a skin care package as a holiday gift, include a sign-up to easy weekly facial tips they can receive direct to their mobile. 

9. Christmas exclusives

Whether it’s a Santa workshop, limited edition PJs or a special brand of hot chocolate, creating a specific Christmastime product or service can prove bountiful.  

Gift up seasonal exclusives - Christmas SMS marketing idea

Advertise early access your exclusive to VIP loyalists first, before sharing it with regular customers. 

10. Set an automated drip campaign

Combine these ideas as part of a larger engagement campaign for Christmas.  

This multi-pronged plan can play out across numerous channels, not just SMS, and will keep customers coming back throughout the silly season. 

Pro tip: Try picking at least 4 – 5 creative ideas for this list and setting them out in a schedule that intensifies in activity as we get closer and closer to Christmas. 

11. Invite them in

It doesn’t matter if you only have an online store! 

Create a Xmas-themed virtual or in-store experience and invite favourite and prospective customers to join you!  

Invite customers to VIP special events as a Christmas SMS marketing idea

Use an SMS service to send your invites out, and enable 2-way messaging and event integrations to create instant text-in RSVP confirmations – all from their mobile phone. 

12. Send e-greetings

Save a few trees this Christmas by offering to send and receive personalised e-greeting cards instead!  

With many families still remote, this may be the best option to ensure loved ones receive Christmas mail this year. 

If you have a store, create an entertaining, personalised experience such taking photos wearing silly Christmas jumpers or allowing customers to bring their dog in for a fun photo shoot.  

For those purely online, you can create fun filters and let customers play with and upload.  

Whatever you decide, get customer’s consent to share and distribute it via SMS. 


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Final thoughts, further kringling

Don’t stop at just 12 fun SMS-themed Christmas ideas!  

There are a million more opportunities to get creative with text come the holiday seasons whether it’s making more sales or nurturing relationships with new customers. 

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