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Our difference

With 20 years of messaging experience, we’re the most trusted partner for exceptional
mobile customer engagement.

Best-in-class messaging platform

Want more than just 160 characters? With a rich messaging platform tailored for any use case and the best gateway and APIs in the business, we’ve got you covered.

Proven and trusted expertise

Our trusted messaging experts support over 65,000 customers across every industry, any time of the day. We know the problems you’re facing and how to solve them.

Most connected partner

With easy ways to integrate with the tools you already use, and strong industry relationships, we make sure you stay well connected.

Frequently asked questions


How do I get started?

Select the option above that suits you best and one of our messaging experts will get you off to a great start. Want to start sending right now? Sign up for the trial option – you get your first 25 messages free and can top up for more with a credit card.

What happens at the end of my trial?

Your trial runs for 14 days with 25 free credits. You can then continue with one of our messaging solutions that best suits your business needs.

Why do you charge a monthly subscription vs PAYG per message pricing?

The industry has changed. Just like a personal phone (or Netflix!), most of our customers prefer to know what they’ve committed to each month and get access to more than SMS. All our plans include free messages, premium support, a best-in-class gateway, and 20 years of best practice messaging knowledge.

What if I want to send more messages?

Go for it! We’ll just add the extra messages to your monthly bill. Contact us for overage costs.

What if I have an account with one of your partners already?

Depending on the partner, you may or may not need to sign up with us here. Contact us and we’ll ensure you’re set up in the most effective way.


Can I send from my business name?

Yes. If your name is CompanyABC, you can have that appear as the sender ID at the top of any of your messages to specific destinations

This is called an Alpha Tag and is available with all our monthly plans.

If you want to have a two-way conversation, you’ll need to send from a number instead of Alpha Tags as they cannot accept replies.

Can I send SMS messages by email?

Yes. Email to SMS capability converts your emails into an SMS messages. You can even have replies sent back into your email inbox.

Can I receive replies?

With our Conversations solution, you can manage replies and two-way conversations in a real-time inbox.

What number will my messages come from?

When you sign up to one of our plans your messages come from your own dedicated number with threaded messaging.

Do I need to use APIs to send messages?

No. We of course have APIs for those who want to connect, but whether you’re a marketer, nurse, tradesman, or small business owner, our best-in-class messaging platform is super easy to use. No developers required!

Is my data secure?

Absolutely. We take data security very seriously. We use enterprise-grade security features and audits of our systems to ensure customer and business data is protected.

Can I send international SMS?

Yes, you can! International SMS is not included in the above pricing and will be charged per unit as overage. Rates vary based on the destination. Contact us for more information.