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Bulk SMS

Send mass text messages anytime you need to effectively communicate and reach your customers, staff or patients.

Intuitive and powerful platform

Send one SMS or a million messages, our easy-to-use web portal is built for sending up to one million SMS messages at once.

Personalized messaging

Easily import contacts, from a CSV or excel document, personalize messages with merge fields that pull data in from contact information.

Compliance and Security

Ensure your SMS campaigns remain compliant with opt-out keywords or opt-out URLs. We keep you and your customer information safe using high level encryption.

How bulk SMS can help your business

With a 98% open rate, SMS is a powerful communication tool that cuts through.

  • Communicate efficiently with customers

    With 8x more response rate than e-mail, bulk SMS allows large groups to get your customized message in real-time. Turn a one-way text message into an engaging two-way conversation with your customer.

  • Measure success of SMS campaigns

    With detailed reporting at your fingertips on our portal, get information on the delivery & engagement summary by recipient, you can see which specific contacts did and did not receive the message, as well as who responded, and who opted out.

  • Easily manage your contact database

    Organize large contact databases by creating separate lists for customers, leads, staff, communities, attendees or other groups. It is as easy as uploading a spreadsheet.

Ways to use

Learn how you can use our bulk SMS solution for your business.

SMS marketing campaigns

Use bulk SMS to send special offers, in-stock updates, new product launches and more to grow your revenue.

Mass alerts & notifications

Engage with customers, staff and community members with SMS updates, notifications, alerts and confirmations.

Bulk event reminders

Quickly and easily automate the sending of invitations, confirmations and reminders to avoid no-shows.

Shift scheduling

Easily send shift reminders, notifications and confirmations to your staff so you have more time to focus on business.

Why MessageMedia?

With 20 years of messaging experience, our trusted messaging experts support customers across every industry. We know the problems you’re facing and how to solve them.

Best-in-class messaging platform

If you need more than 160 characters, try our rich messaging platform. Tailored for any use case and the best gateway and SMS APIs in the business, we’ve got you covered.

Proven and trusted expertise

Our trusted messaging experts support over 65,000 customers across every industry, any time of the day. We know the problems you’re facing and how to solve them.

Most connected partner

With direct links to carriers, easy ways to integrate with the tools you already use and strong industry relationships, we make sure you stay well connected.

MessageMedia saved hours and decreased ‘no shows’ by as much as 25%. Financially, we are truly thankful!

IT Manager, Just Better Care Australia

  4.7 out of 5

Easy 3 step setup

Sending a single message or an SMS campaign is simple when using our cloud based SMS portal.
Get 24/7 premium support from our Australia based team.

  • Create an account with MessageMedia

    Use our user-friendly and intuitive online web portal or API to send mass SMS or MMS messages.

  • Write, schedule and send to your contacts

    Compose and schedule your messages in advance with the peace of mind they will be sent on time.

  • Report on engagement

    Get detailed reporting on your bulk sends that highlight who engaged with your message and who opted-out and get an overview on the success of your campaign.