SMS for event management

Create memorable events that run smoothly when you coordinate attendees and staff with text messaging

Event management pill

Easier ticketing

Send rapidly accessible tickets straight to your customer’s mobile device

Promote events

Capture attention by promoting and reminding your attendees of events

Event coordination

Manage your team by delivering updates and changes with SMS communications

How using SMS for event management can benefit your business

Use SMS as a promotion strategy, deliver tickets, send reminders and survey attendees. Coordinate your event organizers with lightning-fast text messaging.

Event Management
  • Not for profits

    Engage your community base to kickstart events and invite attendees. Plus, begin recruiting your event staff and manage their rostering.

  • Government

    Boost awareness of your public events with SMS campaigns. Easily send and receive invitations, tickets, reminders and RSVPs to manage attendance volumes.

  • Professional Services

    Make sure your clients are informed and engaged by maximizing attendance at your events. Send well-timed event invitations and confirmations directly to mobile devices.

  • Hospitality

    Streamline event promotion, ticketing and event check-in when you incorporate SMS into your event marketing strategy. Boost attendance and improve experiences for any type of event.