Avoiding the post-holiday sales slump with SMS

December is always a busy time for retailers. Bricks-and-mortar stores are mayhem and online sales are through the roof but in the back of our minds we’re bracing ourselves for the inevitable post-silly season slump, when customers turn their attention to recovering from seasonal over-spending and paying those holiday debts off.

Not only are people keeping their hands in their pockets, but the returns begin to roll in. All those ill-thought-out, unloved Christmas presents end up back on our shelves and in the January sales.

While it’s not easy slowing the slump, there are a few tried and tested ways to keep the tills ticking over. Here’s how:

Complement email marketing

At this stage of the year the inbox is flooded, and your emails are more likely to be ignored or deleted. Why not try an SMS? It’s direct, instant and straight to the point.

Distribute surveys

Make the most of the customer data you collected over the holiday period with a customer survey. Send it via SMS and have customers click through to a mobile-friendly short form. If you want to boost responses, include an incentive for those who complete the survey.

New year, new you

People are genuinely more receptive to making a change in January, so if you can roll your promotion into a new year scheme, you’re one step ahead.

Take customer service to the next level

There will be questions about all those products you sold over the holiday period so promote a dedicated number for customers to text you their questions. This is a quick way to solve customer issues and also frees up your support team.

Create a holiday!

Finally, find new holidays and events for people to celebrate – even try making one up! Just make sure it’s designed around your customers and what they want.

The couple of months directly following the silly season can be difficult, but with a little imagination and a few SMS marketing tricks up your sleeve, your business will remain top-of-mind and first choice when it comes time for your customers to make their next purchase.

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