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6 post-holiday marketing tips to build customer loyalty and boost sales.

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Templates & examples 6 min read | Sinch Messagemedia wrote in blog on January 12, 2024

The tinsel’s back in its box. The Boxing Day sales signs have been pulled down. By the middle of January, the deluge of foot and online traffic slows to a trickle. Particularly in the wake of record $23.5 billion spending during the Boxing Day sales. No wonder many retailers are left wondering, do shoppers have anything left to spend?

During this inevitable slump in sales, instead of focusing on spending (or lack of), why not turn your attention to other business-building activities? After all, there’s more to retail than the ‘ding’ of the cash register.

The post-holiday period is the perfect time to nurture customer relationships and set yourself up for another successful year. And you never know. You might just clock up a few extra sales on the back of some carefully considered marketing.

Why SMS is ideal for those post-holiday feels.

By the middle of January, people have settled into the gentle rhythm of summer following the festive rush. With many still on holidays, a well-timed text message is more likely to get noticed than other forms of marketing at this time of year. After all, even when they’re lazing by the beach, people still have their phones on them.

SMS is an easy, unobtrusive way to remind your customers about your brand. At this time of year, you can use it as a way to build loyalty, follow up on new customers, maximise cart recovery, and more. But you need to tread carefully. With your customers still in holiday-mode, they don’t want to be bombarded with too many texts.

To help you get started, we’ve got some tactics and templates for subtle, yet effective SMS campaigns in the post-holiday period.

Tip #1: Make your new customers feel special.

Tap into those feel-good holiday vibes by making new customers feel extra special about their recent interaction with your brand.

One study has found that customers acquired during the holidays will buy again from you 2x faster than those acquired at other times. And, given that brands which boost customer retention by just 5% see their profits grow by between 25% and 95%, building loyalty is definitely worth the effort. 

To help foster lifelong relationships with your customers, a simple SMS that says ‘thanks’ and offers a small discount on their next purchase can go a long way. Or, if you have one, offer exclusive access to your VIP club.

Get an additional 10% off when you sign up to our VIP members club. Are you in, [NAME]? Sign up today [URL]. STOP to opt-out.

[NAME], to say thanks for your recent purchase from [COMPANY], here’s 20% off your next order: [URL]. STOP to opt-out.

Tip #2: Offer first-class customer service.

Customers who bought from you over the festive season or in the Boxing Day sales may now be home from holidays and finally unboxing their new toys. This is the perfect time to touch base with helpful support info to show you’ve got their back. 

Make life as easy as pie for new customers, with information on how to return unwanted purchases, tips for product care, where to go for help, and so on.

Hey there [NAME], we hope you’re loving your new [PRODUCT]. For care instructions, visit [website]. STOP to opt-out.

Hi [NAME], how are you liking [PRODUCT]? Check out this blog to see how other customers are using theirs: [URL]. STOP to opt-out.

TOP TIP: If you use a dedicated number for SMS, share it with your customers so they can text you with their questions. It’s a quick way for them to get answers – and it frees up your support team.

Tip #3: Stretch out those holiday sales.

With gift cards such a hot Christmas present this year, it’s likely your customers still have some shopping to do. So why not extend your holiday promotions or offer other discounts to keep the sales rolling?

Hi [Name], missed out on our holiday sale? Good news – we’ve extended our sales with further markdowns: [URL]. Reply STOP to opt out.

TOP TIP: Hi [Name], missed out on our holiday sale? Good news – we’ve extended our sales with further markdowns: [URL]. Reply STOP to opt out.

Tip #4: Offer something fresh.

A great way to keep your brand top-of-mind in the post-holiday period is by launching something new or giving your customers a fresh take on your brand.

If you’ve got a new product or service in the works, run a teaser campaign to get people excited. Or give them a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at what’s coming up for your brand in 2024.

Loved our [PRODUCT], [NAME]? Then you’ll want to be the first to know about this year’s incredible range. Subscribe for updates here: [URL]. Reply STOP to opt out.

Tip #5: Get abandoned carts across the line.

At this time of year, cart abandonment is super common. People are endlessly browsing for bargains, and can leave you hanging.

A gentle reminder could help turn those abandoned carts into certified sales – and, given that our customers see a 26%+ recovery rate for abandoned carts with automated SMS message reminders, texting is the way to go here.

[NAME], you know you want it. Here’s an extra 10% off your shopping cart. Enter [OFFER] at checkout. STOP to opt-out.

Tip #6: Get out in front with restock alerts.

If your most popular products fly off the shelves, let your valued customers know when new stock’s coming in.

This way, they won’t miss out and potentially take their wallet elsewhere. Sweeten the message with a discount and you’ll have them buying from you in no time.

[NAME], we know you’re a fan of [PRODUCT]. Good news, it’s now back in stock. Even better, here’s 10% off your next order: [URL]. STOP to opt-out.

Remember, always listen and learn from your customers.

Using SMS to stay in touch with your customers will help keep your brand top-of-mind into the new year. Just remember to tread lightly with post-holiday marketing campaigns, monitor results, and make every message count.

Take it for a spin.

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