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Extend holiday sales momentum into the new year: Top tips to drive revenue with SMS

Retailers typically see a decline in sales after the holidays are over, but there are certain steps you can take to minimise the plunge and maximise sales.

While it’s unlikely that your business can dodge the slump entirely, there are several ways to keep driving revenue. We’ve gathered our top tips, along with ready-to-use templates for your SMS campaigns so that you can drive pre-sale excitement, maximise cart recovery, and follow up on customers post-sale.

Tip #1: Extend your holiday sales

It’s likely your customers still have items they need to buy. So why not extend your holiday promotions or offer a smaller discount to keep sales rolling and entice those shoppers who didn’t get to buy in time?

Hi [Name], missed out on our holiday sale? Good news – we’ve extended our sales with further markdowns! [URL]. Reply STOP to opt out.

We’re pumped for the extension of our sales! Check out our latest discounts: [URL]. Reply STOP to opt out.

Tip #2: Reward past buyers with special deals

Reach out to your best and recent customers by offering them exclusive deals. Thank them for their loyalty with these special offers, encouraging them to buy more.

Get an additional 10% off when you sign up to our VIP members club. Are you in, [NAME]? Sign up today [URL]. STOP to opt-out.

[NAME], thank you for your recent purchase! Here’s 20% off your next order as our gift to you: [URL]. STOP to opt-out.

Tip #3: Provide early access to deals

Another great option is to turn any leftover stock or returns into an opportunity to drive sales. Let your customers know about the time-sensitive offer and encourage them to take advantage of it as soon as possible.

[NAME], The New Year is here! Celebrate with us by shopping our clearance sale today. Shop now: [URL]. STOP to opt-out.

Tip #4: Consider launching a new campaign

Launching something new on the heels of such a busy time can be difficult, but consider starting a new campaign. Below are a few ideas for inspiration:

  • Focus on a theme.
    Family, togetherness, resolutions, new beginnings, reflection, and planning for the future are common sentiments in the new year – leverage those in your campaign concept.
  • Release a new product or service.
    The new year can be a great time to get customers excited about something new. If you have a new product in the works, consider either releasing it early or creating a teaser campaign during this period.
  • Generate some excitement.
    Start by spotlighting some of the things customers can anticipate seeing from your business in the new year. Consider giving them a behind-the-scenes look so they can feel closer to the action.

Tip #5: Push incomplete sales across the finish line

Cart abandonment rates continue to rise annually. If you couldn’t recover those sales during the holiday season, try again in the new year. Our customers see a 26%+ recovery rate for abandoned carts with automated SMS message reminders.

Looks like you left a few items in your cart [NAME]. We don’t want you to miss out! Take 10% off on us! Enter at checkout. STOP to opt-out.

[NAME], did you forget about [PRODUCT]? Complete your purchase [URL]. STOP to opt-out.

Tip #6: Captivate customers with post-sale content

Follow up with customers who purchased from you recently and add value to the conversation. Offer further discounts, product restocks, or additional information they can use to make the most of their purchase. Segment your data to ensure your message is relevant for each unique customer.

Need more [PRODUCT]? We have more discounts on [PRODUCT LINE] for a limited time only! [URL] STOP to opt-out.

We have just restocked [PRODUCT]! Since you just purchased, here’s 10% off your next order: [URL]. STOP to opt-out.

Hi [NAME]! How are you liking [PRODUCT]? Check out our new post to see how other customers are using theirs this year [URL]. STOP to opt-out.

Tip #7: Anticipate customer needs with first-class customer service

There are numerous customer support needs that retailers can expect to face after the holiday season, including returns, customer questions, and the need for additional information. Try your best to anticipate those issues ahead of time to prepare a solution upfront.

Top Tip: Does your company use a dedicated number for SMS messages? If you do, share that number with your customers so they can text you with their questions. It’s a quick way for customers to get answers while also freeing up time for your support team.

Tip #8: Gain valuable feedback for the upcoming year

Make the most of the customer data you collected over the holiday season and show customers that you care about their experience by asking for their feedback. You can use their responses to drive your campaigns and services in the months ahead. To boost survey responses, include an incentive or reward for completing the survey.

Hi [NAME], thank you for being a loyal customer of [COMPANY NAME]. Can you take 2 minutes to help us improve? [URL]. STOP to opt-out

Final thoughts, further reading

Staying in touch with your customers and nurturing relationships after the holidays is a great way to drive your business forward. SMS allows you to personalise at scale and show your customers you care while keeping your retail business top of mind.

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