Rich content

Mobile landing pages is a significant leap from standard SMS messages, with an enhanced experience for consumers. Mobile landing pages enable several types of rich content such as high-resolution images, barcodes, and call-to-action buttons. Messages become more interactive and engaging with high-quality images of products, maps of business locations, boarding passes, and much more. Mobile […]

Mobile landing pages is a significant leap from standard SMS messages, with an enhanced experience for consumers. Mobile landing pages enable several types of rich content such as high-resolution images, barcodes, and call-to-action buttons.

Messages become more interactive and engaging with high-quality images of products, maps of business locations, boarding passes, and much more. Mobile landing pages makes for a powerful marketing tool, with an interactive experience and engaging content.

With mobile landing pages, you can customise the pages with your own branding and images. This makes it easier for recipients to recognise the sender and helps build trust.

Mobile landing pages deliver engaging messages with rich content with no need for customers to install any additional apps. Mobile landing pages use the smartphone’s capabilities to extend the SMS message. No passwords to remember, no accounts to sign in to – simply open your text messaging app and click the link. For businesses, there is no need to invest in or maintain an app that your customers may or may not install or use.

Despite this simplicity, mobile landing pages offer a rich visual experience with easy ways for customers to engage with the content. High resolution images and one-tap call-to-action buttons enable easy functionality for customers.

Finally, mobile landing pages doesn’t mean collecting any additional data from your customers to implement. You only need a customer’s mobile phone, which is usually information already held by businesses.

Personalised messaging content has been shown to increase conversion and engagement among audiences. Use mail merge facilities to personalise each and every message.

Today, 61 percent of consumers say they would engage with companies more if they offered a more personalised service.

However, every customer wants to feel that they have your individual attention. For example, if you send out a bulk campaign, each customer should feel that the message is targeted specifically to them. A generic message is less likely to engage a customer, whereas simply adding the name of the customer to the start of message can make a huge difference in terms of greater open rates, better click-through rates and reduced unsubscribes.

Mobile landing pages can also be personalised for each recipient. Make your pages stand out by using your recipient’s first name or adding a unique barcode. You can even set up call-to-action buttons that take your customers to a sign-in page with their own details already populated in the correct fields. This is perfect for asking customers to update their contact details without the need to recall username and password.

Mobile landing pages are designed to be unique for each recipient. With our easy-to-use web-based interface, you can measure the performance of your campaigns via delivery and engagement analytics.

Powerful reporting system for mobile landing pages

Our web portal includes a powerful, ready-to-use suite of reporting tools that is extremely useful for customers managing their messaging through the web interface. You’ll know who is responding and when they respond. Along with text message analytics, you can use this information to customise your approach to alter behaviour and drive productivity.

If you’re sending mobile landing pages through our SMS API, you also have the option of getting click reports programmatically.

Our reporting tools include the ability to run reports on text message transmission and delivery, opt-outs and usage reports.

Features include:

  • Overview: See at a glance how your broadcast performed with statistics such as your click-through-rate (CTR).
  • Delivery: See in detail who received your message and which messages failed to deliver.
  • Engagement: See in detail who is clicking on your short trackable links or mobile landing pages.
  • Opt-outs: See in detail who opted out from a specific campaign using ‘stop’ keywords.
  • Inbox: View all incoming messages, that is, all responses to your SMS broadcasts. It includes a conversation view that presents a full history of correspondence related to the contact and message trail.
  • Detailed reports: Generate various reports through the interface, such as messages sent, messages received, messages sent or received within a certain date range, and broadcast messages.
  • Delivery reports: When sending broadcast messages, My MessageMedia allows delivery tracking. This function shows when the message was received on the recipient’s handset.

Businesses want to send messages quickly and accurately. This is why mobile landing pages are preloaded with templates to suit a range of use cases.

Save time by using our templates which contain engaging images and text designed to convert.

Templates are easily customisable using desktop spreadsheet software. Building your campaign is as easy as copying your list of recipients from your existing data sources (such as a CRM export for example).

Marketing and promotional templates

Marketing and promotional templates work when they are attention-grabbing, and use strong and engaging calls-to-action (such as ‘Contact us today’, or ‘Find out more here’). They create a sense of urgency, such as use of an expiry date, and share information in a clear and concise manner. With mobile landing pages, your call-to-action buttons can deep-link to a specific promotion on your website.

Appointment reminders

Appointment reminder messages should contain the date and time of the appointment, as well as the location, name and phone number of the business. They should also offer the customer an avenue to confirm or reject the appointment, such as ‘Reply with Y to confirm, or contact us on (phone number) to reschedule’. With mobile landing pages, you can create a call-to-action button to call your practice or launch directions to your office.

Payment reminders

It can be tricky to find the right balance with payment reminders. That’s why it’s best to keep your messages short and simple with strong, engaging calls-to-action, such as an option to contact the business, receive a discount, or request a callback. The focus on the customer’s experience along with the sense of urgency make it more likely that payments are made on time.

Electronic vouchers

What better way to reward loyal customers than with an electronic voucher for their next purchase? Vouchers sent by mail are forgotten at home or pinned to the fridge. For your next campaign, think of using mobile landing pages to deliver a voucher to your customers in a location where they won’t forget: their mobile phone.

Staff communication

There are many occasions to communicate with staff through messaging, such as rostering, workplace emergencies, holiday greetings, birthday wishes, or staff events like conferences where you need staff at a specific time at a certain place. Messages should be short and include only essential information. Use call-to-action buttons to quickly confirm shift rosters.

Event tickets

When arriving at a venue, it can be frustrating finding the right email that contains your electronic tickets. With mobile landing pages, you can send your attendees an event reminder on the day, along with a scannable barcode. This creates a smoother process for you and your guests. Less time in the queue, more time at the party.

We know you’re busy running your business, so we’ve created automated SMS. SMS automation reduces manual tasks – so you can focus on your core business. An automated SMS service simplifies inbound and outbound SMS by creating rules. Rules trigger the desired action, saving you time as well as increasing customer engagement and driving better results from your SMS campaigns.

Automation also enables personalised text or images based on recipient details, with customised messages adapted to specific actions or replies.

With real-time delivery and responses, your business can deliver more timely messages and replies. Forward replies to an email or mobile for real-time notifications, and add or remove from contact groups for better segmentation.

You can even use workflows to connect with and update other systems.

Your automatic text message send is based on specific actions, such as:

  • Send automated SMS replies: Reply to an inbound SMS with set text
  • Contact management: Add or remove a phone number to a contact group
  • Create VIP lists: Create a group based on a particular keyword
  • Forward to email: Forward the content of an SMS to email
  • Forward to SMS: Forward an inbound SMS to another number
  • Forward to URL (using webhooks): Forward the content of an SMS to a webhook URL

Automation templates

Become a message automation expert in just a few clicks with our pre-built templates, enabling you to switch on new workflows within minutes.

Our pre-built templates cover common types of automation tasks, such as customer support, satisfaction surveys, and picture messages (MMS) – sent directly to your mobile phone.


Managed services for complex workflows

No workflow is too complex: our team of experts can solve your requirements with our managed service for workflows.

If your business requires a more complicated workflow with deeper system integration or custom actions, we can help.

Contact us to find out more and start saving time and effort with automations.

Sales support is important to ensure that our customers are getting the best value from their investment in MessageMedia services – it also provides clear contact points. As such, our support structure consists of executive sponsorship, dedicated account management and technical support.

Our large, international team provides full and extensive sales support via a dedicated account management team providing strategic advice, documentation and training.

Our account management support includes onboarding and training of your staff and other end-users. As well as training users in our products, we provide industry knowledge in the form of best practices and case studies.

MessageMedia can provide technical support and documentation to any software vendor or in-house application developer should you wish to integrate one of our APIs.

A dedicated number (also known as a virtual number) can significantly enhance your customer’s experience. Dedicated numbers are allocated to your business, so all your messages originate from the same number, rather than from a pool of numbers. Your customers can also save your dedicated number to their phone and use that to reach you, as dedicated numbers support inbound SMS.

Your SMS marketing and sales numbers are just as important to your brand as your website address or logo, so ensure you have a dedicated number to provide visibility, marketability and control.

Why use a dedicated number?

Dedicated numbers are highly versatile and deliver significant return-on-investment (ROI):

  • Ensure that all your business SMS messages originate from the same number
  • Increase your accessibility for customers by advertising your number on video, print and web channels
  • Provide customers with information about your business with inbound keywords
  • Automate appointment scheduling by using inbound keywords
  • Capitalise on consistent branding and messaging across your bulk messaging activities
  • Empower and engage your customers with easily managed opt-outs
  • Protect the privacy of your staff by allowing them to use SMS without disclosing their personal numbers

Get started

Are you an existing customer? Purchase a dedicated number directly from the web portal or API now or, alternatively, contact our support team.

This feature shortens URLs to just 22 characters, which improves the cost-effectiveness of your campaign, and tracks user engagement by recipient.

No additional steps are required – once activated on your account, short trackable links will be automatically created as your messages are distributed.

Furthermore, short trackable links include two more great features: link previews for tailored previews, and broadcast views to quickly and easily view campaign engagement.

Measure your SMS campaign with short trackable links

Website URLs can be long, complex, and distracting. Furthermore, they use up a portion of your 160-character word limit in an SMS, leaving little room for more critical information.

MessageMedia’s short trackable links not only shorten your URLs but make them unique to every recipient. Via this unique URL, you can see exactly who has (or has not) tapped the link, enabling you to accurately track user engagement, and measure the value of your SMS marketing campaign.

Access precise campaign analytics about the source of your conversions. Generate reports via the web portal or API to see every interaction with your short link. Send messages to hundreds – or even thousands – of customers, track every recipient who tapped, and employ these user metrics in your digital marketing strategy.

With these data insights, you can measure the ROI of your campaign, and improve your next SMS campaign.

Link previews

Short trackable links also generate link previews on compatible devices.

Currently, most mobile phones use metadata (title, feature image and domain) from a URL within an SMS to generate a preview of the link. However, this often generates a preview that doesn’t relate to your specific SMS campaign, such as your website’s home page. Alternatively, the images are too big to fit the preview specifications or don’t render well on a phone screen.

MessageMedia’s customisable link previews solve this problem by enabling you to customise your link previews.

This improves the look and feel of your SMS campaigns, without any development of your website. It encourages customers to tap through with an enticing glimpse of the content to come, as well as confirming its relevance.

Broadcast views

Broadcast views is also available with short trackable links.

This feature provides detailed insights into your campaign by showing customer responses to various aspects of your customised message. Analytics data is graphically represented, clearly showing percentages of link and page views, as well as volumes of inbound and outbound messages.

Through broadcast views, your business can review and refine your messages to achieve the best customer engagement.

Other benefits of short trackable links

Give your customers more

Your messages can relay more information with links that direct your customers to more details. Link to your Facebook page, current specials or other content to encourage engagement.

Reduce costs

Save on the cost of your send with shorter messages, eliminating the risk (and cost) of multiple messages that can really add up.

Professional look and service

Short URLs not only appeal more to readers but look cleaner and more professional.

Scales with your business

As your business grows with larger quantities of messages, the short trackable links feature scales with you. Even links within bulk SMS sends are automatically and reliably shortened, with a unique link for every recipient.

A seamless process

Your URLs are shortened as they are processed – no separate procedure is required. Once the feature is switched on, our URL shortener processes links in your messages automatically in the background.

Streamline your suppliers

Instead of an account with an individual supplier for your shortened links, streamline the process by consolidating this with your messaging provider.


Receive the same high performance and reliability as your SMS messages containing short trackable links pass through our SMS gateway.

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Start measuring your campaign metrics. Short trackable links are available for new MessageMedia web portal accounts, and REST API and SMPP accounts. Contact us to enable this today!