3D printing company uses MMS to send quotes and get 85% conversion rate.

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For many years, Replace My Part was simply a side hustle for owner Brad Jeffery. Today, the 3D printing business is on the verge of becoming an international franchise.  

When something breaks, you want it fixed quickly. But first, you need to send all the right info and get a quote. Replace My Part is sending quotes and converting sales using SMS and MMS – all within 30 minutes. 

The challenge. 

When Replace My Part invested in an industrial machine, they signed their first industrial client the same day. It was the start of big things to come.   

“80% of the time, there isn’t any option but to throw something out if a plastic part breaks. 3D printing solves that problem,” Brad explains.   

3D printing is straightforward once you’ve mapped the design – just like a printer, you load the design and hit print. But sending quotes? Without the right system, that can get messy quickly. 

Sending quotes via email often results in too much back and forth and longer wait times – that’s if the person even responds. Replace My Part needed a simple way for prospective customers to send photos of a broken part. 

Whatever solution they chose needed to integrate with their CRM, Zoho. They considered building a custom application. But that would take time.  

They knew their customers were already on their phones and would have the part right next to them. So, SMS was the logical solution. 

“Since realising that SMS is such a winner, I feel like I’ve scored finding Sinch MessageMedia first up,” Brad says. 

The solution.

When choosing an SMS provider, a strong MMS feature was essential – and that’s where Sinch MessageMedia stood out. 

Oh, and the fact that it integrates seamlessly with Zoho

SMS for Zoho CRM. 

Replace My Part knows when they receive a message, customers expect a fast response – and they’re not wrong. Our research shows that if you don’t respond within 24 hours or allow for two-way conversations, you risk losing trust – or the sale. 

With Sinch MessageMedia, they can: 

  • chat with customers in real-time  
  • keep an eye on conversations from one inbox.  

This means they can respond to people right away, even while on the go. And, with all their communications in Zoho, they’re less likely to miss a message – and a sale. 

“I’m a software guy, and integrations are often painful. SMS for Zoho CRM was not – it worked straightaway,” says Brad. 

Want to integrate SMS into Zoho?

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MMS messaging. 

How does sending quotes via SMS and MMS work? Simple. Customers take a photo of the broken part next to a ruler and hit send. 

60% of prospective customers text Replace My Part for a quote. They send their photos to a dedicated business number, along with their name and postcode. 

Using SMS and MMS to send quotes is pretty unusual, but when you get a response within 30 minutes, and 85% of your quote requests turn into sales, why not, right?! 

Conversational messaging. 

Replace My Part believes their customers enjoy using SMS because they feel like they’re having a real, human conversation.  

Sending a quote is part of a business transaction, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done in a conversational way using a channel that people tap into every day. 

SMS is a magic bullet for Replace My Part. I use it primarily for quoting, but it’s also nice for people to know they’re dealing with a human.

Brad Jeffery, Owner, Replace My Part 

The results.

With Sinch MessageMedia’s MMS and conversational messaging, Replace My Part can: 

  • Reply to customer enquiries with a quote within 30 seconds. 
  • Within 30 minutes, 85% of those quotes will become sales.  

That’s fast! 

On average, our time to convert is about half an hour. Using SMS for quoting has significantly sped up our sales pipeline.

Brad Jeffery, Owner, Replace My Part 

What’s next? 

Replace My Part has big goals – and with Sinch MessageMedia, they’re set up to hit them all.     

They’re shifting to a franchise model and look set to start opening more locations early next year. With SMS for Zoho CRM, franchisees can respond to local customers and track quotes and conversations – all from one single platform.   

“I’ve still got many plans that I know Sinch MessageMedia will help me implement, so it’s going to be a good journey,” says Brad. 


Replace My Part is a 3D printing company that provides fast replacement of consumer and industrial plastic parts using the strongest materials on the market.


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