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5 tips for a successful Afterpay Day

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Tips, tricks & hacks 2 min read | Lyrha Cabunilas wrote in blog on March 10, 2023

Afterpay Day is an exciting time for retailers. It’s a day when consumers are ready to make purchases and take advantage of sales. To make the most of this opportunity, you need to be proactive and creative. Here are five tips for retailers to help you take advantage of Afterpay Day: 

Promote Afterpay. 

Afterpay is becoming increasingly popular as a payment option that allows customers to make purchases now and pay for them later.  

By promoting Afterpay as a payment option, you can make purchases seem more affordable and potentially increase sales.  

Offer special discounts. 

Your customers love a good deal. Afterpay Day is a great time to offer discounts and promotions.  
SMS is a proven marketing tool that allows you to send targeted and personalised messages to boost the ROI on your campaigns.  

Create urgency. 

Campaigning around specific dates like Afterpay Day allows you to create a sense of urgency in your customers, increasing their likelihood to act.  
Help to build FOMO among your audience by gently reminding them of promotion end dates.  

Consider your messaging options to ensure your customers receive your messages in the timeliest way.

Personalise communication. 

Increase the chances of repeat purchases by personalising your communications. Segment your audience, tailor your messages to prove your business understands their wants and needs. Increased relevance increases engagement and boosts your sales.  

Follow up after purchase.

Your relationship with your customers doesn’t end at the point of purchase, remember, existing customers are much more likely to buy from you than new ones. Build on your successful sales by following up with customers and making sure they’re happy with their experience.  

Use SMS to reach them directly, seek their feedback, and incentivise them to shop with you again. 

Make every Afterpay Day count 

Afterpay Day is a great opportunity to drive sales and engage with customers. By following these 5 simple tips, you can really set yourself up to take advantage of it.  

Consider incorporating SMS into your Afterpay Day strategy as a way of increasing awareness, stimulating engagement and driving sales.  

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