8 September 2015

SMS alerts for easy, efficient group messaging

When you need to deliver a message in a hurry to particular individuals or notify a large group of people in an instant, a SMS alert is the most effective communication channel at your disposal. Whether it be communicating emergency evacuation information to residents of a small township about an impending bushfire threat, alerting casual staff members to a vacant shift which needs immediate filling or notifying a customer that their order is ready for pick-up in your store, SMS alerts can help you get your message out to those who matter in the most direct manner possible.

Reliable, low-cost and instantaneous, SMS alerts can help you realise significant gains in the efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation’s communications, saving you time and money while delivering superior outcomes to your clients, customers or stakeholders.

Emergency alert SMS: Reliability when it really matters 

Emergencies often happen when you least expect, catching you and your organisation by surprise, which can lead to panic, miscommunication and costly mistakes as you rush to respond to events as they unfold. SMS alerts and notifications enable you to send instant text messages to pre-determined lists in the event of an emergency, ensuring vital information is received by all affected individuals whilst you focus on bringing the situation under control, whatever it may be.

From notifying residents of a small country town a bushfire is fast approaching them and sharing the relevant evacuation instructions, to sending automated text messages to bank customers if their balance is overdrawn or alerting travellers their flight has been delayed or cancelled, emergency alerts are a reliable and efficient method of communication and more likely to be read immediately by recipients when it really matters.

  • Emergency alert SMS provides reliable and efficient method to communicate vital information to large groups of people in an emergency situation
  • Text messages are more likely to be opened and read immediately by recipients, compared to other forms of communication

Staff rostering SMS alerts: Fill your rosters for superior service

Managing staff is one of the more challenging aspects of running a business or organisation, with that challenge only growing the bigger the workforce becomes. Staff are only human and naturally they can fall ill, miss a shift or even resign for a variety of reasons, sending you scrambling to fill gaping holes in your roster. That’s where our MessageMedia staff rostering SMS alerts can play a very practical role, allowing you to immediately message a selected list of your staff, alerting them to a vacant shift to which they can reply ‘Y’ or ‘N’ depending on their availability. Once a member of staff replies ‘Y’, other individuals on that same list are sent a subsequent message, alerting them that shift has now been filled.

  • Send automated staff rostering sms alerts to selected lists of staff members when a shift unexpectedly becomes vacant
  • Staff members can reply ‘Y’ or ‘N’ depending on their availability, with other members on that list immediately alerted once shift has been filled

A versatile solution for all your communication needs

Best of all, our suite of SMS alert services are an easy-to-use solution for communicating important information en masse to a large group of people all at once. SMS alerts are a simple text-based communication channel that requires little set-up and can be delivered via ubiquitous online technology. It’s versatile because SMS alerts can be received on any mobile handset (old or new) and are not necessarily dependent on that handset having an active internet connection.

Why waste time and money on mixed messages when we can help you communicate with those who matter most to your organisation in an instant!

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