13 March 2019

MMS: Everything you need to know about multimedia messaging service

Take your messaging further with multimedia messaging service (MMS)! MMS builds on the success of SMS, making it more visually appealing, resulting in highly effective results.

MMS for a better response

While SMS messages drive a high open and response rate from recipients, MMS takes this to a new level with images and GIFs.

MMS messages deliver a 15 percent higher click-through rate than SMS, and MMS content is four times more likely to be shared on social media platforms. For example, BMW’s MMS campaign showing an image of snow tyres drew a 30 percent conversion rate.

There is a 20 percent less likelihood that the recipient will unsubscribe to MMS messaging. In fact, a recent MMS campaign by a luxury fashion brand with MessageMedia achieved an exceptionally high engagement level with their MMS campaign, with an opt-out rate of only 0.27 percent.

Why is MMS so effective?

1. Multimedia for better engagement

Images are crucial in engaging your audience and generating long-term brand recall. Customers are 44 percent more likely to engage with content that contains pictures, and 66 percent of consumers can recall a specific brand they’ve seen advertised on mobile in the previous week.

SMS is perfect for a short, concise message, but MMS offers more options and variety with a striking image or catchy video to really grab your customer’s interest in your brand and message.

If your business has visually interesting images – such as products, locations or events – drawing customer interest with your images will be easy. Animated GIFs and graphics fulfil this role where images are not readily available, particularly for seasonal marketing.

2. Have more to say

Forget the 160-character limit of SMS messages – MMS gives you 5,000 characters to play with! Bear in mind though, readers still have reasonably short attention spans. Our research shows the shorter the message the better, so we recommend no more than 500 characters for greatest impact without losing the reader.

3. A subject line to pique interest

MMS gives you a subject line of 64 characters. Make the most of this feature and use it to entice the customer to engage with the message.

4. There’s a back-up

Even those few customers whose devices cannot accept an MMS message will still receive an ‘SMS fall-back message’, so your message still gets through.

Use cases for MMS

Potential use cases for MMS are virtually limitless, but some include:

  • New products or services: Show stunning images or video clips of new products.
  • Coupons: Couple your gorgeous image with a discount or special offer.
  • Sales promotions: Send unforgettable sale events invitations to VIPs.
  • Cart abandonment: Provide an image of the item with a link for easy purchasing.
  • Holiday destinations: Beautiful locations will really start customers planning for that next holiday.
  • Tickets: Customers won’t easily misplace tickets that are stored in their phone.
  • Show you’re on-trend: Combine imagery of the latest trends (hair and beauty, fashion, accessories, homewares etc) with a discount offer.
  • Open for inspections: Found the perfect house for your client? Send a picture and invite them to the inspection in one message.
  • Make them hungry: Time an image of a delicious meal or easy takeaway times with meal-decision times!
  • Instructional: MMS is particularly useful where an image or a video explains your message more clearly than text, such as an instructional video.
  • Inspire: Show your customers what hard work at your gym will do with some inspiration.

These are just a few ideas, so read here for more MMS use cases.


Above: Animated GIFs for the fitness industry, sales events, and beauty salons.

Best practice for MMS

  • Your image layout should be vertical as most mobile devices display vertically.
  • For best results, we recommend using JPG format for images.
  • File size of images should not exceed 420Kb.
  • Best image dimensions are 327 pixels (height) and 400 pixels (width).
  • Image resolution should be 72 pixels.
  • Subject line is 64 characters – use it wisely!
  • Keep additional text to less than 500 words for better readability.
  • Use .GIF format for animated images.
  • File size for GIF formats should be below 420b.

How to get started

Don’t have the capacity to build your own MMS imagery? Access our library of MMS templates, supply your logo, and we do the rest! Find out more here.

Alternatively, we offer a completely customisable service where we will build your MMS for you in 24 hours. Contact to find out more.

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