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Build beautiful connections with your customers.

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Trends & Innovations 2 min read | Paul Tancell wrote in blog on April 28, 2023

Today, there are more ways than ever to reach your customers. But are you building beautiful connections?

Customers are over being talked at – they want authentic connections with your brand. Fact. And that means they want to be able to reach out at any time and get a fast, personal response.

But the buck doesn’t stop with your customers – building beautiful connections with SMS extends to your teams and potential customers too.

Cozy up to your customers.

How do you connect and stay connected with your customers? Simple. Make it easy for them to talk to you. No long wait times, just real, authentic connection. Now that’s some A+ customer support.

With SMS, you can start having two-way conversations with your customers.

  • Ask them where you can do better.
  • Thank first-time customers for choosing you and follow up with a loyalty discount.
  • Be helpful and send appointment reminders by text.

Spark meaningful conversations with teams.

Texting in the office? Ohhh yeahhh. Most of your employees are spending their days looking at their phones for work (and “for work”). So, it’s smart to talk to them where they already are.

By using SMS to connect with your teams, you can send messages fast to more devices. And With 98% open rates and 8x the response rate of email, those are messages you know they’ll read. 

You can use SMS as a platform to build a positive team culture. Welcome new team members, send out surveys, send social club reminders – all that good stuff. In an emergency, when every second counts, SMS is also the fastest and most reliable way to update everybody.

After more hacks for finding your messaging mojo?

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Knock more sales out of the park.

Responding fast to enquiries is the ultimate sales advantage. So, how do you get super speedy? That’s right. You can text potential customers too.

With faster response rates, you can use SMS to dig deeper into what your customers really need and want. The faster you can get them the answers they need, the more chance you have of turning that conversation into a sale. Ouch, you’re on fire!

Ready to make beautiful connections?

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