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Improve customer relationships with SMS

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Trends & Innovations 4 min read | Paul Tancell wrote in blog on April 24, 2023

It’s 2023. Many businesses are still in recovery mode, but at the same time, customers are tightening their purse strings. When they do spend their money, they’re turning to brands they know and love.

Fact: customers want authentic, meaningful relationships with brands. How do you build those personal relationships with your customers? We suggest pulling out your phone. Texting. It can be as simple as that.

Here are five ways you can use SMS to improve customer relationships.

1: Give unbelievably good support

Even with the best customer support team in the world, it’s hard to make up for hours spent hanging on hold. People don’t have the time, and they expect better.

SMS for customer support can cut lengthy wait times, leaving a trail of happy customers.

Here’s why SMS works so well for customer service:

  • It’s easy and accessible for everybody. It’s a channel that people know and use often. All you need is a phone and a mobile plan – and you’re good to go.
  • It’s fast. With SMS, messages are delivered instantly, and you can have support conversations immediately. Customers can get on with their day.
  • It helps you be more productive. Behind the scenes, your support crew can handle multiple customer enquiries at the same time. That means less waiting and happier customers.  

It still feels human. While SMS can’t trump talking to a customer face-to-face, it is the next best thing. You only have to look at how people text their friends and family. Using that same conversational messaging with your customers will help them feel like valued and trusted members of your brand community. 

2: *blink* sale closed

Over 1 in 3 business owners are using text marketing to boost sales and share promotions. You can also use SMS to build strong customer relationships during the sales process and help guide purchases.  

Here are some questions you can ask when using SMS for sales engagement:

  • Do you have any questions about our products?
  • Did you find our eBook download helpful?
  • Is there anything you can’t find on our website that would be helpful?

3: Lend a helping hand (when it’s most needed)  

Life gets busy. Sending important reminders, alerts or confirmations using automated text messages is an easy way to make sure customers don’t miss out (and it also shows you care about them).

Here are a few examples:

  • Event and appointment reminders (‘Your appointment is tomorrow!’)
  • Confirmations (‘Thanks for subscribing! Please confirm your email.’) 
  • Flash sales or restock alerts (‘Your item’s back in stock. Buy it now!’) 

4: Time to show some love

Don’t underestimate the power of saying thank you. A short and sweet text message, ‘Hey, thanks for supporting our business’, gives off warm fuzzies and shows customers you truly appreciate them. Nawwww.

Then give customers a reason to come back time and time again by following up with a rewards or referral programme – you can use SMS to send discount codes or sales alerts too.

5: Ask, and you shall receive

When you send a personal text message, it’s a two-way conversation. So, why not do the same with your customers?

Asking questions shows your customers you value their opinion, and it makes them feel like they’re a part of your business.

While building more meaningful relationships with your customers, you can also use two-way SMS as an opportunity to ask the following:

  • Do they have any feedback on the product or service?
  • How was their order experience?
  • Is there anything you can do better next time?

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