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Top 7 reasons to text customers from your computer

When sending a business text to hundreds or even thousands of people – you want to get it right. It can be difficult to notice mistakes, and to fix them when you’re sending directly from your mobile. 

No more. Now individuals are able to do what text messaging service providers have been able to do for years – send mass text messaging from the comfort and confidence of your PC.   

Why you should send SMS from your PC

Here are seven reasons why you should switch to sending SMS messages from a computer.

1. Speed and efficacy

Imagine being able to deliver thousands of messages or marketing campaigns to customers in the same time it can take to send a group text to your friends and family? Our messaging portal  and gateway processes thousands of messages per second with 95% of messages delivered with two seconds

And you can access all this – direct from your computer!

Before non-profit Rona Scrubs started sending texts messages from their computers, they were manually texting essential workers across Australia to confirm orders. Sending a campaign from their personal phone numbers could take between 5 -8 hours

When sending from their computers using MessageMedia’s online portal, sending a broadcast to the same number of recipients took only 20 minutes.

Business texting has also proved an indomitable communications channel: 

Try it for yourself. When you register for a free account with us, you get 25 texts for free automatically. See how fast and effectively text messaging can drive the results that you need for your business. 

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2. Scalable and reliability

Whether you pick MessageMedia or another reputable messaging provider, two things are certain. The ability to send a massive number of messages to anyone, anywhere in the world, as well as the dependability to know that they’ll get there. 

When we first came to market, MessageMedia knew one thing: we didn’t want to rely on third parties or other external sources like many other providers. That’s why we spent a considerable investment building our gateway and portal ourselves.

Almost two decades later, we can send: 

  • +2B messages per year 
  • +5M webhooks every day 
  • Bulk messages for +65,000 global customers  

To do this, our infrastructure and network maintains an uptime of 99.99%. We also maintain multiple data centres, have automatic re-rerouting in place and 24/7 carrier monitoring. 

Check out our reporting suite when you sign up for a free account.

In addition, our online portal’s reporting suite will track your sent messages, and let you know if there are any failed deliveries.  

3. Customisation

We know that sending bulk messages manually from your mobile phone can take between 5-8 hours. Now, imagine trying to customise each message or your contact lists too!

Automate and expedite personalised communications for text message marketing using a bulk messaging portal from your computer like MessageMedia’s. 

We’ve built a simple, intuitive online platform that still offers all the features of a mass texting application. This includes easy to implement customisation features! 

Play with our customisation features when you sign up for a free account.

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Upload your customer database and add merge tags/custom parameters including names, addresses, product preferences, short codes and so much more. 

If you prefer working from your own software, we have a number of integrations that will allow you to streamline your data between multiple tools.

It’s easy to add a texting integration to your current tools!
Talk to one of our experts now.

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4. Trackable and measurable

Modern businesses know that if you can’t measure it, you’ll never be able to improve it.  

Data drives so many of our decisions these days, and the same goes for business texting. Firstly, you want to know that your messages have been delivered. Secondly, you want to know when and what action has been taken. Thirdly, you need further data to help drive your next move. 

When sending manually, you will not be able to track your sends nor measure the impact of your campaigns. You’re blind-sending and hoping for success. 

That’s why MessageMedia offers a free suite of reporting and management tools built right into our portal. With these analytics, you can: 

  • Track all sent and received messages  
  • Manage text subscription opt-outs 
  • Monitor message status and delivery 
  • Delineate between multiple sub-brand campaigns  
  • Differentiate between campaigns via keyword 
  • Connect responses to customer and answer via inbox 
  • Measure click-throughs on URLs and MLPs 
  • And more! 

Send SMS from your PC – today.

Start sending with a free account AND 25 free SMS. No CC required.

Let’s do it!

5. Right of reply

When sending manually, non-profit Rona Scrubs volunteers complained how time-consuming it was to receive text messages, then match those responses back to their customer database. The lack of connection between the tools meant even more hours upon hours of slow data entry. 

With bulk messaging through your PC, you can also engage customers in SMS chat (two-way messaging) – the same way we do our friends and family! Two-way messaging is enabled as soon as you sign up with a free trial

In addition, all text replies from recipients will show up in the portal’s inbox. Better yet, there’s no need to write a new message – you can reply from the inbox too! This is an easy and intuitive way to answer questions or continue to engage the customer in further conversation. 

Example of Port Networks SMS chat

In other cases, you can automate replies or further actions based on recipient triggers. With leading online wine retailer Vinomofo, customers who didn’t answer an email or make further purchases triggered a HubSpot text prompt a few days later. With Port Network’s messaging integration into NetSuite, a text reply can be directed straight to a support representative.

6. Templates and automations

We spoke a little about automations previously, but two-way messaging is just the tip of the iceberg. You can automate large and complex workflows or simply convert text replies into new data entry slots. Ultimately, automations can save your business and employees a vast amount of time, resources and money. 

Some simple automations in our online portal include: 

Our online portal also has an entire library of text and automation templates to enable quick sends and broadcasts. From customer campaigns, event RSVPs, refunds, there’s a wealth of support right at your fingertips.  

Get immediate access when you sign up for a free account + get free SMS to start sending automated messages straight away!

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7. Send from anywhere

Any operating system. Any web browser. You can even send text direct from your email

We know that today’s workforce is on the move or remote now more than ever. That’s why we built an online portal to help you send bulk text blasts from any computer, anywhere. 

When you’re texting from a mobile tied to a carrier in a specific country, this isn’t always possible. With MessageMedia’s expansive network, the only limits and boundaries are the ones that exist in your head. And of course, local compliance laws! 

We’ve made sending SMS text to customers as easy as possible when using a bulk messaging service. Isn’t it time you try one for yourself

Final thoughts, further reading

When you start sending text from your computer, be warned. You may not want to send personal texts from your mobile anymore! 

There are innumerable reasons why sending SMS from your computer is better and easier when sending business communications. Can you think of anymore? Send them through, we’d love to hear. 

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