Mass texting service for bulk SMS

Use a mass texting service to send thousands of text messages at once. Get your SMS campaigns out to the masses in just a few clicks. Save time and reach more customers with a mass texting service. Win, win.

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What is mass texting?

With a mass text, or bulk SMS, you only send one text message, but can reach multiple users at once. Unlike a group text, a bulk message starts an individual conversation with each recipient. Mass texting is great for sending out promotional content, newsletters, product updates, and even important information to staff. It’s therefore not surprising that restaurants, e-commerce businesses, retailers, beauty shops, car dealers, sports teams, and even employers use mass texting!

Icon for Immediately reach audiences of any size

Immediately reach audiences of any size
It doesn’t matter if you want to reach 40 people or 40,000, our mass texting service has got you covered. We also offer 85+ integrations to top systems like Shopify or HubSpot.

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Increase engagement
With our mass texting service, you can segment contacts, personalise messages, and even set up automated follow-up messages to best customise your bulk messaging and engage your audienc.

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Detailed insights
Our analytics tools provide detailed insights into your mass text campaigns, from delivery rates to response rates to click-through rates. With our bulk texting tool, you’ll make sure to get the best ROI from your SMS campaigns.

Why use a mass texting service?

Icon for Get more bang for your buck.

Get more bang for your buck.
With 90% open rates, SMS cuts through the noise. It’ll help boost your ROI and can get you better results than email.

Icon for Rely on fast, safe deliveries.

Rely on fast, safe deliveries.
Stress less. Send mass SMS from a speedy gateway that’ll keep you and your customers’ data safe and secure.

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Ensure secure conversations
Mass texting services offer the safest way to deliver bulk SMS by easy opt-in and opt-out integration, 2FA, alpha tags, and more.

Using a mass texting service can make your business boom. Here’s how.

Image for Get more time back in your day.
Get more time back in your day.
Schedule your text message blasts in advance. Set up auto-replies by choosing keyword triggers. Create and save text message templates. You’ll get back to your customers super fast, without having to monitor your inbox all day long.
Image for Easily manage your contacts groups.
Easily manage your contacts groups.
As your audience grows, easily keep on top of who’s who. Drag and drop their contact details in just a few clicks. Create separate segments for your customers, leads, staff, and more. So you’ll send messages to the right people at the right time, fast. Boom.
Image for Craft personal messages, automatically.
Craft personal messages, automatically.
Don’t lose that personal touch, no matter how many people you’re sending to. Use merge fields, like first and last names, dates, addresses, and so on. Use as many custom fields as you need. They’ll get pulled into your messages so you can skip the manual bits.

Want to see for yourself?

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Try sending bulk messages with all this.

Promotional SMS messages.

Send limited-time offers and promotions to large groups, fast. Use trackable links and see who’s clicking.

Notifications and alerts.

Share handy info with your contact lists, from delivery updates to payment reminders to booking confirmations.

Staff updates.

Keep your employees in the know. Text time-sensitive updates to large groups so they see them ASAP.

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With a mass texting service you get more bang for your buck. Here’s how.

Image for Web portal.
Web portal.
Send and receive messages from The Hub on your browser. Easy.
Image for SMS integrations.
SMS integrations.
Plug SMS into the tools you already use, like Shopify or HubSpot.
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Email to SMS.
Turn your emails into text messages (and vice versa).

FAQs about mass texting services

Depends on how many texts you plan on sending. We’ve got different options, so you can scale up or down. Check out our pricing plans.
You can send text messages to the contacts who’ve given you their permission to do so. Get all over compliance rules here.
With a mass texting service, you can send up to a million text messages through our gateway. All at once. In seconds.
Yes, we’ve got 85+ third-party integrations to play with. Access top integrations like HubSpot, Shopify, BigCommerce and more. Head to Integrations Marketplace.
You’ll have a few options. You can send your SMS campaigns from a random free mobile phone number. Or you can set up your own dedicated number or alpha tag (business name). Learn more about sender IDs.