Send SMS via API on time, everytime

Our REST APIs and enterprise-grade text messaging gateway ensures your messages arrive securely – no matter what.

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Built for speed and scale

MessageMedia’s Australian SMS gateway delivers messages globally. Choose either REST or SMPP for your SMS API integration
and easily send bulk SMS, MMS or mobile landing pages.

  • 65,000

    Customers across the globe

  • 5B+

    Messages sent per year

  • 2,000

    Messages processed per second


Guarantee network uptime of 99.99 percent of the time, so you have no downtime and can focus on what your business does best.

API Resilience
API Resilience


Multiple data centres, auto re-routing and 24/7 carrier monitoring for reliable message delivery.


High throughput capability to seamlessly handle extreme volumes of messages. Available to all customers, at no extra charge.

API Capacity

Code samples in your favourite language

Looking for an SMS API in JavaScript, PHP, C#, Python, Nodejs or Ruby? Checkout the samples below and get sending in under 5 minutes.