Mercury SMS for Salesforce.

Easily connect with your customers via automated SMS – and do it all directly from Salesforce.

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Behold, the power of integrations.

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Get up and running quickly.

Easy to set up and use, start sending personalised SMS campaigns in minutes – straight from Salesforce.

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All customer data, one place.

Get a single view of all message activity, on contact and lead records, in the app you already know.

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Work smarter, grow faster.

Quickly automate workflows and speed up communication. Save time and halve unnecessary steps. Easy.

We get much higher response rates for SMS compared with email, and Mercury SMS integrates seamlessly with Salesforce.

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The best bits of our native Salesforce SMS integration.

Build a library of personalised SMS templates and simplify your processes.

Automatically update records with SMS keywords and power your marketing. Simple.

Keep on top of all your messages in one inbox and seize the moment with real-time replies.

Save time and send automated, templated SMS and MMS messages, via Workflow Rules.

Chat with prospects and customers without interruptions, directly via the message feed.

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Check out some popular ways to use Mercury SMS for Salesforce.

  • Boosted sales and loyalty.

    Nurture leads with SMS integrated straight into Salesforce, and convert prospects with messages they’ll actually see.

  • SMS marketing campaigns.

    Build personalised one-off or bulk SMS campaigns with ease. Use templated SMS messages for a productivity bonus.

  • Up-to-date delivery tracking.

    Put customers’ minds at ease with automated SMS delivery tracking. It’s in the little things.

  • Effortless client reminders.

    Set up timely SMS reminders, reduce no-shows and last minute cancellations, without hassle. It’s that easy.

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Looking for support?

Want some help with Mercury SMS for Salesforce? Head over to our support site and you should find everything you need.

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Customer success story.

smart horizons career online education logo

Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE) offers non-traditional students a second chance at high-school graduation. With over 14,000 alumni and even more enrollments, they needed to scale their communication – without losing the personal touch. Now, 80% of their customer comms are via SMS.

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