SMS for alerts and notifications

Send text messages that keep people up-to-date and informed when it matters most

SMS alerts and notifications

Effective messaging

Deliver faster and reliably, perfect for time-sensitive messages

Integrated experiences

Engage with customers and staff with updates, alerts and confirmations

Available almost everywhere

SMS delivers to more devices, regardless of network or operating system

How SMS alerts and notifications can benefit your business

Help your staff, customers and community by sending easy and convenient messages that are read, remembered and drive outcomes.

Alerts and Notifications
  • Healthcare

    SMS alerts and notifications can be used to remind customers about upcoming appointments and pre-appointment instructions. Alert staff about on-site emergencies and additional staffing requirements.

  • Government

    Send time-critical updates and notifications to staff, the general public and the media. This can improve public safety during crises, deliver educational campaigns and boost issue awareness.

  • Education

    Keep your parent and student community informed with SMS notifications for events, course admissions, class allocations. Send exclusive messages for class absences and student engagement.

  • Utilities

    SMS is a fast and reliable method for quickly notifying customers and the public. Send messages about planned service disruptions and unplanned service outages.