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10 great use cases for SMS mobile landing pages

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Advanced SMS guides Templates & examples 5 min read | Amanda Ranville wrote in blog on September 19, 2019

From promotion of sales with rich content to rescheduling bookings, mobile landing pages revolutionise SMS communications for businesses.

Here are 10 use cases showing how mobile landing pages can promote your business:

1. Retail vouchers

Send your customer a unique barcode, redeemable in-store or online. As each customer has their own individual barcode, you can track exactly who buys where and when. Use this data to refine your marketing campaign, or to segment your audience by interest.

Case study

A well-known sportswear retailer experienced a 13 percent conversion rate with vouchers sent to customers via mobile landing pages. Not only were click-through, conversion and redemption rates higher, but analytical data showed that customers were opening the SMS even a week after initial receipt.

2. Appointment/booking reminders

If you rely on appointments or bookings in your business, remind patients or customers about an upcoming appointment or booking via a text message, then direct them to a customised landing page to either confirm or reschedule, then add it to their calendar (ICS link).

For healthcare, allied health, entertainment, hospitality or tourism businesses, this improves efficiency, reduces administration and cuts no-shows. Mobile landing pages contain more text than an SMS, so include information about your venue, what to expect, or a map of the business’s location. For medical appointments you can include details on how to prepare and what to bring to the appointment, creating a better patient experience.

3. Promotional events

Send customers a mobile landing page to invite them to an exclusive event, such as a fashion show, VIP night or early sales access. Links can contain event information, a map of the location or a calendar for booking dates – whatever is right for you.

Help attendees keep all their tickets in the one place – their mobile phone – and receive them right when they need them. You could cut queue times at the event as ticket are easily accessible and ready for scanning – not hidden in an inbox.

Create additional revenue streams by adding promotional discount vouchers for merchandise or drinks and food.

Case study

A luxury car brand offered customers the opportunity to view a limited release of inventory vehicles. Using eye-catching imagery, the brand experienced a 25 percent click-through rate (CTR) with CTA buttons to book a viewing.

4. Free trials

Nothing attracts attention quite like the word ‘free’! Your landing page could describe the benefits of your products or services, with a CTA button offering a free trial. When reaching the sign-up page, the customer has already learnt why they should use your business, so they are more willing to participate in a trial.

A mobile landing pages lets you entice customers with a short, engaging SMS, then reveal details of your offer and trial on the landing page, before they convert/buy.

Tracking enables you to see who engaged with the link, demonstrating potential interest and telling you who could be nurtured through the next stages.

5. Updating customer details

Keeping your database of customer details up to date is hard work, but outdated details mean you lose the ability to contact your existing customers – the best source of new business.

Send your customers a mobile landing page inviting them to update their details. But instead of taking the customer to a generic login page where they have to recall a username and password – a step guaranteed to lose them – show them their personal page populated with their existing details. How much easier is this for customers, and how much more likely are they to comply?

Case study

A well-known sportswear retailer reduced their non-contact rate from 19 percent to less than five percent, just by sending a unique link to their customers’ profiles to their database of customers.

6. Coming soon!

Intrigue customers with a ‘Coming soon’ page, especially if you want to keep your sneak peek exclusive and withhold it from your core website. The page could provide a sneak preview of your new product and a launch date. Include a CTA where customers can sign up to receive more information and notification when your product or service is launched.

7. Payment reminders

Inform customers of an upcoming bill with a link to a landing page prepopulated with their own billing details. Two CTA buttons enable the customer to either make a payment or request a payment extension.

8. Virtual tours

Videos generate plenty of interest, especially in beauty, real estate, fashion and retail industries.

Generate interest in an upcoming open house by informing potential buyers of a new listing in their local area. Use a mobile landing page with CTAs to a virtual tour of the property and contact information for the listing’s agent.

9. Tickets or boarding passes

Send customers a mobile landing page that contains their own boarding pass or ticket information. With more space for content on the page, you can include further details or travel information. CTA buttons enable customers to change their booking, call your business, or access other services such as insurance, hotels, bookings, cab services, car hire etc.

10. Surveys or feedback

Combine people’s natural inclination to complete surveys or provide feedback via SMS with the ease of online survey software, such as SurveyMonkey. Include the survey link in your message and track engagement. Your mobile landing page includes a CTA button to complete the survey or feedback form, along with terms and conditions or even a voucher to encourage participation.

Find out more about how mobile landing pages can help your business or request a free demo.

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