SMS for food delivery & online ordering

Create food ordering and delivery solutions that connect you directly with your customers

Coordinate food delivery

Keep customers up-to-date on their order’s status and delivery

Mobile-first ordering

Skip the queue with SMS ordering system and two-way conversations

Customisable SMS templates

Use easy, best-practice templates that elevate your customer experience

How SMS for food delivery tracking and ordering can benefit your business

Give your customers more choice and a direct connection to you for food ordering and delivery service by sending updates to your customer’s mobile device.

  • Online ordering

    Let customers text their order and follow up with an order summary, order confirmation and estimated time of arrival.

  • Delivery alerts and tracking

    Integrate SMS with your delivery tracking software to streamline updates and communication between the restaurant, drivers and customers.

  • Delivery confirmations

    Ensure your delivery arrives with automatic delivery confirmation that keeps customers informed and happy.

  • Track satisfaction with SMS surveys

    Collect valuable feedback from customers by following up with a convenient SMS survey or asking for an online review.


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