SMS templates for schools and students

Make it easier to keep students, parents, and teachers updated by using SMS templates for your school.

Copy these SMS templates and tailor them to match your database and use case. Staff members can cut down admin time and use them whenever they’re needed by saving them.

School closure

IMPORTANT: school has been cancelled today due to [REASON]. Classes will resume as normal on [DAY].

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Registration confirmation

Dear #FirstName#, this is to confirm your registration to participate in [ACTIVITY or FUNDRAISER] on #DayMonth#. We appreciate your support!

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Dear parent or guardian, there are still [AMOUNT] spots available for our after-school [PROGRAM TYPE]. Tap here to register: [URL]

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Appointment reminder

Hi #FirstName#, this is a reminder of your appointment with [TEACHER] at #Time# on #DayMonth#. Please call [PHONE NUMBER] if you need to reschedule.

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Grade results

Hi #FirstName#, your final grades for [CLASS] are now available. To view them, login to your student portal here: [URL].

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Dear #GuardianFirstName#, this is to inform you that #StudentFirstName# was marked as absent today. Please reply to confirm or call [PHONE NUMBER] to discuss.

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