Sinch MessageMedia partners with TPG Telecom to launch Messaging Hub.

5 October 2023 – TPG Telecom today announced their partnership with Sinch MessageMedia to launch the TPG Telecom Messaging Hub solution. The new messaging service is designed to help all businesses of all sizes to connect and engage with their customers through SMS and rich media solutions, in a cost-efficient way. 

“Messaging Hub is a powerful communications tool that can help businesses broadcast communications quickly and easily, directly to their customers, subscribers and employees,” said Jeremy Howe, TPG Telecom General Manager Commercial, Enterprise & Government. 

Businesses in industries across government, retail, education and healthcare can use Messaging Hub to send alerts and notifications, appointment reminders, or marketing updates to individuals or large customer databases.

Businesses can use Messaging Hub to send: 

  • Alerts and notifications: In time-sensitive situations, SMS can be a reliable and fast way to send critical information to customers, employees and other stakeholders. 
  • Marketing campaigns: With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, ecommerce businesses can easily set up abandoned cart campaigns to help drive sales or use it to retain existing customers.
  • Appointment reminders: Service-based industries can automate SMS reminders and confirmations to reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations.
  • Billing and payments: Messaging Hub can be used to streamline business accounts by setting up automated reminders for invoices and overdue payments.  

“Sinch is proud to partner with TPG Telecom to launch Messaging Hub. Our collaboration will deliver a reliable messaging solution to Australian enterprises, letting them connect with their customers via SMS – from marketing and support through to alerts, reminders and even emergency notifications,” said Sean O’Neal, President, Sinch MessageMedia.  

“Our solutions are designed to provide carriers like TPG Telecom and their business clients with tools and APIs to enable easy communication with customers and users. This allows businesses to reach their customers on their preferred messaging channels, making it easier to engage with a wider audience.” 

Read the full announcement from TPG Telecom.

Learn more about the Messaging Hub here.

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