OfficeTech 5 Integration with Message Media

OfficeTech 5 Version now integrates with Message Media

SMS messaging is one of the most efficient ways of reaching clients and informing them about an upcoming renewal, overdue invoice or update to a claim

Our SMS module connects your existing data and systems seamlessly and puts them to work. Leverage your investment in OfficeTech and linked back-office system to send messages, save them automatically to OfficeTech and provide a full record of all client communications in your OfficeTech client card for full compliance and serviceability.

The Message Media integration derives mobile numbers from Technosoft’s CRM, or from your back-office system, and generates an SMS message that is sent to a client directly from OfficeTech.

These SMS messages and subsequent replies are automatically documented in a Quick Note in OfficeTech, ensuring all communications are stored with your current client records.

Streamline client service for your team with templated, professional messages direct to their mobile.