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WhatsApp: The world's most popular messaging app

Resolve queries and answer customer questions instantly with your customers’ preferred messaging app.

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Keep customers informed with urgent updates such as travel itinerary changes, system outages, location-targeted alerts, special deals and more.


Share information on orders, deliveries, appointments, payments and more on a platform constantly checked by customers.


Allow customers to initiate in-depth conversations so your support agents can improve troubleshooting and shorten ticket lifespans.

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Link your brand with the world’s favourite platform

The world loves OTT messaging, and our favourite platform is WhatsApp. Take advantage of the ease of signing up for and using WhatsApp, a platform that offers the following:

  • 1.5 billion users
  • Access across any mobile OS, device, and carrier
  • Mobile number as user ID

Pinpoint when messages reach your customer

Be sure that your important communication is reaching its destination. Enjoy complete transparency with valuable message delivery insights that let you know when your message has reached your audience with:

  • Read receipts
  • Real-time delivery

WhatsApp features

Read receipts 

Find out when your message has been successfully delivered and when your recipients have opened your message. 

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Verified sender

Provide customers peace of mind with clear and authorised verification.

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Rich media

Tell your story visually with high resolution images and GIFs.

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Guided responses

Resolve the customer’s query quickly by guiding the conversation and suggesting possible responses.

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Typing indicators

Keep the conversation flowing naturally by knowing when the other party is typing a reply.

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SMS templates

Save time by writing your message once, saving, and then re-using it as often as you need.

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SMS personalisation

Personalise your messages to customers for a friendlier impression using mail merge style.

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