SMS for travel and tourism agencies.

Adopt mobile communications to enhance every customer experience and deliver travel plans directly into your customer’s hands.

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Icon for Streamline customer experiences.

Streamline customer experiences.
Keep customers informed and supported with SMS messaging.

Icon for Promote travel packages.

Promote travel packages.
Deliver last minute deals and special offers directly to your customer’s phones.

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Coordinate scheduling.
Coordinate rostering, booking reminders and urgent alerts.

How SMS can transform travel and tourism industries.

Text messages are opened five times more often than emails.

Mobile-first experiences.

Create memorable experiences for customers when using features like a mobile concierge for customer support and fast booking confirmations.

Integrate your marketing.

Automate the sending of personalised promotions directly to your customers when you run targeted and omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Connects to your tools.

Integrate SMS with your booking and property management system to automate the sending of personalised promotions, booking confirmations, booking reminders and staff rostering messages.

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Integrate mobile technologies to improve your customer service.

Integrate mobile technologies to improve your customer service.

Tourism and travel agents can leverage mobile landing pages, automation and messaging workflows. Enhance your bulk SMS and two-way support messaging, improve communication and simplify mobile marketing by sending SMS.