SMS for local councils.

Communicate with your local area through mobile channels to boost community engagement and feedback.

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Icon for Keep residents informed.

Keep residents informed.
Boost awareness about events and issues within your local community.

Icon for Track service satisfaction.

Track service satisfaction.
Measure satisfaction with SMS surveys to improve your service quality.

Icon for Consult your community.

Consult your community.
Ask your community for their opinions on changes that impact them.

How SMS can transform local councils.

Make sure your message cuts through. Text messages are opened 5 times more often than emails.

Effective communication with bulk SMS.

Get your message out to the community with broadcast SMS for upcoming events, urgent and emergency alerts, educational campaigns and staff communications.

Two-way messaging and feedback.

Connect with your community using two-way conversational messaging solutions to capture their opinions and feedback.

Integrated with your systems.

Whether you’re a city council, shire, county or municipality, we have integrations that work with your systems to send automated text messages and reduce your administration costs.

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Evolve your communications.

Evolve your communications.

Find out how mobile messaging, along with SMS automation and intelligent workflows, can improve your communication within local government, create efficiencies and boost engagement within your community.