SMS for aged care

Integrate text messaging to keep your staff and residents’ families informed with critical and important communication.

Aged care pill

Streamline your operations

Build easier solutions to manage staff attendance, urgent notifications and more.

Improve family communication

Communicate with families of your residents in an easy and cost effective way.

Automate services

Integrate SMS messages with your existing tools and platforms to enable advanced workflow functionality.

How SMS can help aged care

Keep your aged care operations running smoothly when you use SMS rostering to send shift notifications and reminders to staff.

Animation showing a mobile phone emitting a signal to a range of contacts spread widely
  • Keep a full roster

    Send shift reminders and availabilities, and receive confirmations. Provide continuous care to your residents without excessive administration costs.

  • Engage and notify families

    Communicate effectively with families of your residents, keep them informed of visitation guidelines and other urgent notifications.

  • Connect with your existing systems

    Integrate SMS within your existing software. Send ad hoc or automated text messages to reduce costs. Improve your aged care service quality and efficiency.