Send and receive SMS online, easily.

Ditch manual texting. Simply send text messages from your computer. Engage with your customers and your team through our Web SMS service.

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Why send SMS online?

Of course, you can manually type out every single text message. But, why… if you can just send SMS from your computer?! It doesn’t matter if you send 4 or 40,000 messages, with the secure and robust Sinch MessageMedia SMS gateway, you can be sure that they’ll get through!

Advantages of web SMS

Advantages of web SMS

Sending SMS online is easy, cost-effective, opens up an entire tool kit to optimise, organise, and automise your business text messages, and gives you access to 80+ integrations (HubSpot, Shopify, Zoho, Salesforce, NetSuite — you name it, we got it!)

Why customers trust us with our online SMS service

Check out their five-star reviews on Capterra.

How does online SMS work?

Online SMS messages are sent through an SMS gateway service provider like Sinch MessageMedia. With a robust gateway service, your business can reach customers on their phones while managing text messages conveniently from your browser.

What's an SMS gateway?

What’s an SMS gateway?

Glad you asked! An SMS gateway like Sinch MessageMedia allows you to send text messages from a computer to a phone over the global telecommunications network. You can think of it like a translator service. It takes your message from your computer and makes it compatible for the network, so it then gets delivered as SMS to someone’s mobile phone. The SMS Gateway translates the message sent, and makes it compatible for delivery over the network to be able to reach the recipient.

Built for speed and scale

Sinch MessageMedia’s Australian SMS gateway delivers messages globally. Choose either REST or SMPP for your SMS API integration and easily send bulk SMS, MMS or mobile landing pages.


Customers across the globe.


Messages sent per year.


Messages processed per second.

Benefit from our robust gateway



Network uptime 99.99 percent of the time, so you have no downtime and can focus on what your business does best.



Multiple data centers, auto re-routing and 24/7 carrier monitoring for reliable text message delivery.



High throughput capability to seamlessly handle extreme volumes of messages. Available to all customers, at no extra charge.

Your extensive toolbox for sending SMS online

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Send bulk SMS online
Use a mass texting service to send thousands of text messages at once. Get your SMS campaigns out to the masses in just a few clicks.
Image for Easy-to-use templates
Easy-to-use templates
Save time and stay on brand with our SMS templates for key industries. Just copy and paste, sprinkle in details relevant to you, and save for later use.
Image for Automise and optimise
Automise and optimise
Use our automation tools to save time and use our detailed SMS analytics to optimise your campaigns.
Image for Keep working with the tools you love
Keep working with the tools you love
You’re already using tools like HubSpot or Salesforce? No need to switch! With our 80+ integrations you can easily add online SMS to your existing toolkit.
Image for Manage all your messages from one inbox
Manage all your messages from one inbox
Keep your communication streamlined and manage all messages from one centralized inbox.
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Use online SMS on the go
You want to stay flexible and take your online messaging on the road? We got a mobile app for that!


Cancer Council

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Reach more people.
Send and receive thousands of personalised messages from your web browser. Have 1-on-1 conversations or message large groups.

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Save your team time.
Lighten the load with a shared team inbox. Stay on top of things with automated replies, scheduled messages, and templates.

Icon for Keep customers safe.

Keep customers safe.
Send from a secure, reliable gateway. Data is kept airtight, so you and your customers get peace of mind.

Want to see for yourself?

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FAQs about sending SMS online

Absolutely! All you need is a reliable SMS gateway like Sinch MessageMedia. The gateway enables you to use an internet-based software and still reach customers on their mobile devices.
It depends on the service you use! With Sinch MessageMedia, we offer 99.99% uptime and robust capacities to support mass texting. Our service can easily process 2,000 messages per second!
Our gateway is free and you can sign up for a 14-day free trial. After that, we offer different plans to suit your business, whether you’re looking for a no fuss, no frills way to send SMS, or want to create more engaging customer experiences. Check out our pricing plans.
You’ll get a few options to choose from. You can send SMS campaigns from a random number, your own dedicated number, or even your business name (alpha tag).