SMS alpha tags

alpha tag sms hub

Send text messages from your company name by using an alphanumeric sender ID (alpha tag) to increase brand recognition and build trust.

alpha tag sms hub
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Stay consistent

Use a sender ID to provide a professional and established look for your business communications.

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Instant recognition

Let contacts know who an SMS is from by sending from a custom ID of up to 11 characters in length.

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Clarify your purpose

Send SMS from different IDs to distinguish between your promotional and service-related messages.

How SMS alpha tags can help your business

Alphanumeric sender IDs support one-way text messaging, so you can efficiently keep your contacts informed of updates, alerts, and promotions.

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  • Grow your brand awareness

    Sending messages from an alpha tag to a mobile phone is akin to placing a pamphlet in a letterbox. It gets your brand name out there, builds recognition, and makes you top of mind.

  • Send texts from your company name

    Rather than have a random number appear when you send SMS messages, become familiar by showcasing your brand identity in the ‘From’ field.

  • Include opt-out links to stay compliant

    Spam compliance is still possible with one-way text messaging by including a short trackable link to opt-out. Send promotional text messages or updates in a compliant way.

Ways to use

Sending one-way messages from your business name is a perfect way to increase brand awareness, appear professional and improve communication.

Two-factor authentication

Adding an alpha tag to 2FA text messages increases their authenticity and the customer’s sense of security.

Delivery status update

Keep customers in the loop by sending tracking numbers, dispatch details and expected delivery times via SMS.

Promotions and marketing

Boost brand awareness by promoting special offers and discounts using a recognisable sender ID.

One-way alerts & notifications

Encourage contacts to open an SMS sooner by showcasing who it’s from. Keep them notified when it matters most.

Why MessageMedia?

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Easy 3 step setup

Whether you are sending a single text or thousands of messages, our portal keeps it simple. Get round-the-clock premium support from our local team.

Set up in three easy steps - create account, add contacts, write your message
  • Create an account with MessageMedia

    Our online web portal is easy to navigate and ready for you to send messages from. Alpha tags are available in Australia only and are free with any bundle.

  • Request your business name (Alpha tag)

    Select the Sender ID option within the hub. Our team will verify and activate your business name within one business day.

  • Start sending from a unique sender ID

    The maximum length of an alpha tag is 11 characters. For the best result, alpha tags should consist of alphabetical letters and/or numerals 0-9.