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Alpha tag

Stand out by sending text messages from your brand or company name instead of a number.

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Use an alpha tag (alphanumeric sender ID) of up to 11 characters in length to provide instant recognition for your recipients.

Common use cases include:

Authenticity for two-factor authentication (2FA) systems

Most banks use message-based 2FA methods to confirm new transaction recipients or individual transactions. Adding an alpha tag increases the authenticity of your message and the customer’s trust in your service.

Delivery notifications

Alpha tags assist urgent messaging, such as a delivery notification from a courier, as they immediately clarify the purpose of the message to the customer so that they read and act on it straightaway.

Marketing communications

Alpha tags provide a more professional and established look for your marketing communications. Capitalise on your brand engagement by showcasing your company name in the ‘From’ field.

Customer service

Different alpha tags for your SMS messages distinguish between promotional and service-related messages. Customers know immediately which messages are most important, greatly increasing engagement with your messages.

Things to consider

  • Alpha tags support one-way messaging. To provide the ability to reply (for spam compliance), businesses may want to include details of their dedicated numbers.
  • Not all countries support alpha tags. Contact us for further details.
  • The maximum length of an alpha tag is 11 characters. For the best result, alpha tags should consist of alphabetical letters and/or numerals 0-9.

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Alpha tags are available for all MessageMedia accounts via our web portal and API.

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