Leverage the power of SMS in Salesforce

Send SMS messages at every stage of the customer journey for an improved experience.

When you text-enable your Salesforce account, you can get closer to your customers with automated, personalised texting in Salesforce for a connected experience at every step of their journey.

Effortlessly send SMS messages to individuals, leads, contacts, campaign members, or large groups. You engage in two-way customer conversations in the live SMS Feed or set up texts to send automatically through a Workflow Rule.

The guide will show your organisation how to leverage SMS and start sending text messages from within Salesforce.

You’ll learn:

  • The types of SMS messages consumers want to receive from businesses and the best times to send them
  • How to build an automated SMS workflow and set triggers in Salesforce
  • Tips for building a top-performing SMS template library

Ready to go?

The easiest way to send engaging messages to your customers.