SMS improves critical communications in manufacturing for global business

Image for SMS improves critical communications in manufacturing for global business
4 min read | June 23, 2021

One of the largest medical equipment manufacturers in the world focuses on delivering advanced products and solutions to help clinicians diagnose, treat and manage diseases.

The company prides itself on combining clinical expertise with human insights to achieve better outcomes for millions of patients. To ensure that diagnostic, imaging and monitoring solutions are performing at full capacity, the company operates a centralised Customer Care Solutions Centre.

The Customer Care Centre is responsible for resolving service incidents either remotely or by dispatching one of nearly 2,000 Field Service Engineers (FSEs) to expedite a prompt, effective resolution to the issue.

Resolve service incidents faster with SMS

In order to minimise service disruption – and meet strict service level agreements (SLAs) – the company relies on SMS text messaging to reach FSEs with urgent service-related communications.

After experimenting with other modes of communicating with FSEs, the company finally settled on SMS text messaging. Initially, the company developed a proprietary, ‘DIY’ solution for its text messaging needs but quickly discovered that it was unreliable and overly complex.

They needed a more powerful SMS platform that could be fully integrated into their existing customer service response systems and ensure the fast delivery of patient-critical messages.

Seamless integration of enterprise-grade software

MessageMedia met with key stakeholders of the Customer Care Centre to gain a deeper understanding of the critical nature of the services provided for their customers, as well as the company’s business processes and proprietary and third-party systems. MessageMedia then oversaw the seamless integration of its enterprise-grade software into the client’s existing workflow.

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With hundreds of thousands of text messages issued to its FSEs across North and South America annually, the client needed a global enterprise-grade solution that would be highly scalable as well as dependable. The company selected MessageMedia as its SMS service provider primarily for its highly reliable infrastructure and industry-leading support.

MessageMedia’s SMS gateway is designed to provide full redundancy and handle high volumes of messages, ensuring that our client’s call centre representatives can quickly and reliably reach FSEs via text. In addition, the real-time delivery reports available through MessageMedia’s platform can be used to confirm that the right messages are delivered to the right people at the right time.

Keep production and supply running smoothly.

Ensure they get the message with SMS.

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Critical messages delivered quickly and reliably

Due to MessageMedia’s robust infrastructure, the client can now quickly and reliably alert its FSEs to service issues and minimise downtime and disruption for its customers. Over time, MessageMedia has continued to work with the client to ensure the fastest, most reliable messaging experience possible.

Our partnership with MessageMedia is essential to helping us maintain the dependability and trust that our business requires. Since MessageMedia took the time to listen to us and understand our business, they have been proactive in creating custom reports and delivering value-added services that have optimised our systems. The dedication of the MessageMedia team in maintaining our business continuity is what sets it apart from other vendors.

Customer Care Centre Manager.

Based on close collaboration with Customer Care Centre staff, MessageMedia developed platform improvements specifically designed to enhance the client’s workflow. One of these improvements was an industry first and significantly improved the deliverability of the company’s messages while eliminating manual work for Customer Care Centre staff. Daily custom reports from MessageMedia’s support team provide Customer Care Centre management peace of mind so that they can focus on serving their customers.

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The client’s customers rely on its products and solutions to help them deliver a quality patient experience. When a system is down, a patient’s life could be on the line, so it is critical that the client is able to respond immediately with the right solution. The addition of MessageMedia’s powerful SMS services has enabled our client to focus on its core business while ensuring that its SMS communications are handled quickly and reliably.

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