Financial service uses two-way SMS to help people out of debt – and gets 35% CTR.

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Let’s talk money. Oh, you’d rather not? You’re not alone. Revive Financial works one-on-one with businesses and individuals to tailor them a path out of debt. To do that, they need to have those not-so-easy conversations about money (and worse, debt!). 

Getting people past that stigma is challenging, but you only have to read one of their 2500+ 5-star reviews to see they’ve found a way. How? By using two-way SMS they’re helping more people out of debt.  

The challenge. 

No one likes asking for financial help, but the reality is that more and more people need it. But, if people don’t like talking about money, how does Revive Financial get them to open up? Gooood question.   

They’ve always taken a multi-pronged approach – each customer’s support manager could send emails and get on the phone or the online portal.  

However, they knew they could do more to give customers more direct and responsive support when they needed it the most.   

The one barrier they needed to overcome was managing their customers’ feelings of embarrassment and anxiety. They wanted to text ahead of time or check in over text. But working to tight compliance regulations means support teams can’t just flick off SMS messages from their private phones.So, what was the solution?  

One centralised system that makes it easy to track personal conversations, and that integrates with their existing HubSpot account.  

Oh, that’s Sinch MessageMedia.  

“Sinch MessageMedia’s integration with HubSpot lets us harness the power of SMS at scale and tailor our messages at a greater volume. Customers can go back and forth with their success specialist via SMS and instantly get the support they need.”

James O’Neile, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, Revive Financial  

The solution. 

Our SMS for HubSpot integration lets Revive Financial send text messages directly from HubSpot – no switching between platforms.  

And that’s just the beginning.

Want to integrate SMS into Hubspot?

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Automated SMS workflows. 

With SMS for HubSpot, Revive Financial can send automated SMS campaigns quickly and efficiently – without lifting a finger.  

Here’s how they’re doing that: 

  • Rule-based triggers help nurture customers through the sales funnel and nudge them along difficult processes.  
  • SMS personalisation lets them share seasonal moments, key celebrations, and other important financial milestones with each person or business.  

And… it’s working. This year alone, they’ve received 9000 inbound messages from customers – and counting.  

“The integration between Sinch MessageMedia and HubSpot lets us deliver a seamless omnichannel communications experience. It’s empowered our teams to deliver financial assistance to greater volumes of customers in need.” 

Two-way SMS messaging. 

Chatting about money with somebody you know is one thing. Having that conversation with a stranger? For some it’s easier, for others a major no-go zone.  

With conversational messaging, Revive is breaking down those barriers. Their dedicated customer success specialists add a personal connection to the exchange. But it’s two-way conversations that customers seem to enjoy the most – wherever they are on their journey to being debt-free. 

Two-way messaging provides us with the opportunity to deliver much needed support in a less intrusive, real-time manner – something our vulnerable customer base values deeply.

James O’Neile, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, Revive Financial 

The results. 

While some people don’t mind a phone call, a simple text message goes a long way. And, with SMS for HubSpot, Revive can deliver the responsiveness its customers expect.  

But, more importantly, is SMS helping Revive Financial strengthen relationships by removing the taboo of financial conversations? 

In short: yep. It really is. And here are the stats to prove it: 

  • 9000 inbound messages this year (so far) 
  • Up to 35% click-through rate 
  • More than 2500 5-star reviews 

What’s next? 

Revive will keep working towards their goal of guiding as many people as possible toward financial freedom. They’ll also continue advocating for more open conversations about money – with the help of SMS. 

“Sinch MessageMedia is a powerful tool that allows us to acquire new customers effectively, and maintain customer relationships efficiently,” says James.


Revive Financial provides financial debt services for individuals and businesses. They create personalised plans that help people take back control and get out of debt faster.


James O’Neile, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer


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