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“A no brainer.” Luxury kitchen retailer automates customer scheduling. The result? 100% customer satisfaction.

In August 2021, Roth Living engaged MessageMedia to improve its installation scheduling and enhance customer relationships. 

Roth Living is a luxury kitchen retailer with installation services, and offers high-quality, engaging experiences in addition to high-quality products.

Roth Living is all about building relationships – so clear communication with customers is a must.


Roth Living uses NextService forms for field technicians installing appliances. With an eye on relationships, the luxury retailer wanted a way to send text notifications to team members when NextService forms were completed.

Roth was also looking for a solution to send text notifications to customers when an installation case was created in NetSuite.

We didn’t have a way, other than email, to reach out to the customer and let them know when our tech was on the way or when service had been scheduled. Communication is key and email isn’t an efficient and effective means, specifically for more urgent notifications.

John McClelland, Manager of Information Systems

To maintain their focus on client relationships, Roth needed a quick, effective way to communicate with their clients.


MessageMedia’s integration with NetSuite, plus the ability to create a custom solution with NextTechnik (NextService’s parent company), ticked a lot of boxes for Roth’s form and fill notification needs.

MessageMedia and NextTechnik teams worked together to trigger SMS notifications when specific NextService forms are filled (such as installation completions), saving Roth Living employees time, and limiting paperwork and phone calls with both customers and field technicians.

The platform worked natively within NetSuite and gave us the ability to communicate more effectively with our customers.

John McClelland, Manager of Information Systems


Appointment confirmations and reschedules are tracked in NetSuite, and automated messages are triggered based on actions within NetSuite and NextService.

When an installation service is completed, Roth technicians check a box in the NextService app that triggers an automated survey to the client.

We use the integration to communicate when the technician is on the way, what day/time the appointment is scheduled, as well as send our customers a link to a survey once the job is complete.

John McClelland, Manager of Information Systems

Roth Living’s office staff can now see installation information in real time, eliminating paperwork and the back-and-forth with customer scheduling. Technicians are completing more jobs each week, and customer survey results show a 100% customer satisfaction rate. Boom.

It has definitely improved our customer engagement, and our survey results show this. We have yet to have a negative response.

[The MessageMedia and NextService integrations] have made us more efficient in collecting information and communicating with our customers.

John McClelland, Manager of Information Systems

What’s next

Roth Living continues to meet its documentation and in-field communication needs using the custom solution developed by MessageMedia and NextService.

It was a no-brainer

John McClelland of Roth Living says adding automatic text messaging to NetSuite increased customer satisfaction and saved his colleagues time. Ready to give it a try?